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From what company can I buy a feeder for powermatic II+ ?
Don't understand what years it fits the .5 is confusing
I am Providing 2 hp 3 ph,1735 rpm, insulation class F , SF 1.25, Emerson cat # U2E2D
240 v single ph input
How do I get that part number for my
Powermatic 1 cigarette rolling machine. I need this part ASAP thank you . You can email me at

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Hello, I am looking for some clothes for skinny guys. The clothes fitting a slender male is important, but I also want the clothes to look great.
There’s no limit to the kinds of clothes though; pants, shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear are all fine. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
I'm in need of some good ideas for war movies that will give me a good mix of old and new movies that will keep me entertained. Any suggestions on what the best war movies of all time are?
Hi there,

does anybody know what Elon Musk favorite books are?
I´m looking for a cool toy for my son who is 12years old.
Any ideas?
Thanks! :)
Hi, everyone. I'm about to upgrade from a furnished efficiency to a brand new apartment! I'm going to need all new appliances to fill the new space.
I have found most things but I'm stuck trying to figure out the best microwave to buy. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you all!

I am really clueless when it comes to what dog food I should feed my small Yorkshire Terrier. He isn't very picky, but I really want to make the right choice when it comes to his health.

Hello, I wanted to know what tvs are best for gaming? I recently purchased one of the newer gaming consoles and wanted to know which ones on the market will provide the ultimate gaming experience.
Hello! I really am having a hard time deciding which nail polish is
best for myself
as well as the environment if I were to throw it out
when it goes bad. Please help! Thank you!