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This new 4K HD drone drops in price heavily and takes the market by storm

„Portable, easy to use – takes the best pictures in the air.“

Looking for something special?

Are you looking for something reliable, cost-effective that shoots amazing pictures and videos at a variety of angles? Isn’t it annoying, if you can’t get the shots you are hoping for due to the lack of your phone’s camera oder your creativity? Or maybe you are looking for a affordable gift for your family?

If your answer is „YES“, to any of these, stop reading and scroll straight down to the „order“ section.

With this drone becoming more and more popular in the market, there is a new way to capture amazing images or videos that are otherwise only shot by professionals.

This new breakthrough device allows you to create footage on professional level straight from your phone.

What exactly is this?

It’s called the Foldable KF607 Drone, a drone for multiple purposes made for beginners and already experienced pilots.

With the included dual HD camera, this drone is the best solution for capturing „instagram-worthy“ pictures, videos oder activities in general.

The Foldable Drone is the idea of two young american experts who loved the idea of aesthetical photography.

Despite the fact that smartphones and camera have advanced during the last years, they do still have limited power reserves and technical features for production-level images.

As the inventors loved the idea of aerial shots, ordinary drones also worked, but were insanely expensive at 400-1200$ each.

They had enough of the expensive prices, so they decided to take action

They combined their tech know-how in order to create a revolutionary, compact and affordable product that’s able to take high quality and wide angled pictures for a cheap price.

This drone is definitely a breakthrough that will inspire you to take astonishing pictures around the world like these:

How to operate with the Drone?

Here’s how easy it really is:

  • Step 1: Place the included battery in the drone to power it up
  • Step 2 (Optional): Install the „Tac Drone App“ on your mobile device by scanning the QR-code in the manuel
  • Step 3: Connect your phone to the drone to be able to use the first person mode

-> As you can clearly see, the operation of the drone is as easy as pressing two buttons.

Why should I buy this drone?

It’s easy to assume this drone costs atleast 500$, because of the high-capacity battery, the intelligent headless mode or the well-performing camera. Most firms even sell professional drones starting at 800$.

The advantages of this drone, like the easy use, the hd camera and the price are an absolute gamechanger.

The drone is almost as small as a smartphone. Combined with the foldable rotor you have the most transportable drone in your backpack.

But to our surprise, we learned it’s just 99$ for this new Tac Drone thanks to a huge discount, instead of 199$.

The Verdict: Is the Drone worth it?

Taking into account all the features that the drone brings, such as the quality of the images or the ease of use, plus the affordable price, the drone is really worth it. You just have to keep in mind what stunning pictures you can take for that little bit of money.

Even if you are not into taking pictures, you can have unlimted fun while just flying around in various areas.

How to order the Drone?

Just click on the button below, enter your information and you are good to go. 🙂