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29 unique moments in nature that you have never seen before

Bild: Harry Collins Photography /

You think that trail cams are boring? We will prove you the opposite! It is very difficult to make pictures of animals in the nature that show them in their natural behavior. Even people that are experienced have problems to catch unique moments of animals. But we will show you some pictures that will show you how it can work with the help of trail cam.

1. The deer that tries to walk around

Some animals may be influenced by human beings. This deer seems to be bored being an animal and tries to walk around like human. As you can see he was successful. This could be one way to convince female animals of his skills. We wish him good look!

2. Animals with tact

There animals with tact as you can see this two deer dancing around. But there are also party poppers that prevent having fun. The deer in the background looks like he is bored. So there quiet more similarities between humans and animals than you assumed! The next photo is very funny.

3. The beauty of an anomaly

Something does not fit in this picture? Can you find the reason? Yes, it is the white albino that stands near to the brown deer. But isn’t beautiful to see this contrast between brown and white? A beautiful anomaly within the nature and we like it! Take a look at the next photo.

4. Do not underestimate the power of the little ones

You think that only the big ones can survive? False! We will prove the opposite. This deer underestimated the temperament of this little owl. In future the deer will face this owl with more respect. Otherwise, he will get into trouble once again. It is a great picture anyway.

5. The hidden beauty of the nature

This picture shows a seldom scene of a deer that elegantly jumps over the water. It is a Chinese Mule Deer that is shown on the picture. This kind of pictures show moments of nature in its true beauty. The possibilities of a trail cam are amazing as you can see.

6. The close up of a raccoon between deer

This raccoon stands peacefully near to the deer. At least the raccoon knows how to look inside a camera. We love his look. For the camera took a great picture of this little inhabitant of the forest. It is a pleasure to these animals in their natural behavior. Take a look at the next photo.

7. Good morning rituals of a bear

The size of this bear is amazing and frightening at the same time. Some animals seem to have their own rituals in the morning like this bear that is stretching himself in the morning. We just hope that you will never disturb a bear during his morning ritual! Take a look at the next photo.

8. Action scene

The life of animals is full of action as you can see at this picture. Something made them flee. A great moment that was caught with a trail cam. We hope that their escape was successful without cases of death. The forest life is not as peaceful as it seems to be.

9. The simple beauty within the forest life

Sometimes the simplest moments turn out to be the most beautiful. At this picture you see a fox that was caught standing on a trunk. This gray picture demonstrates the beauty of nature in a simple way. So you can keep it simple to make great pictures like this one.

10. Nature at its best

This photo is very special due to the water reflections. These are magic moments that can be made with a trail cam. The water reflections of the deer are unique and this pictures is just incomparable. There are many places in the nature that reveals us such a beauty.

11. A bobcat that walks his line

At this picture you can see a bobcat that patrols his area in a proud way. Let’s hope that no human will face this bobcat while it walks his line on the mountains. Otherwise, it may consider this person as an invader and this would mean a bad end. Take a look at the next photo.

12. The indifferent look of a deer

All deer seem to be concerned about the new way they want to go. But one deer on the right side stays cool and does not show any signs of fear. This deer might get the new leader of the group due to his fearlessness. We hope he will lead his conspecifics to a safe place.

13. The wild life within the forest

This picture demonstrates the wild life within the forest. This cat was photographed with its prey that he caught. As you can see, there are not only peaceful moments in nature. At least the cat needs this prey to survive. These are just laws of the nature. Take a look at photo Number 14.

14. The power of birds

This pictures shows the amazing size of a bald eagle. It was carrying a deer fawn with the weight of 15lb. The wolf seemed to be in luck this day. Otherwise, the bald eagle could be interested in eating up the wolf. We already know that size does not matter, as the owl gave us already a good example.

15. The human nature of animals

Some animals act like humans as these wolves on this picture. They instinctively know that it is a path, which they can follow. So animals are not only able to express their emotions, but they also have an understanding for certain things as we do. We have more in common with these creatures than we assume!

16. The unfair fight with a beaver

This beaver has to be very strong. These two animals are involved in a struggle with a beaver, that you cannot see on the photo. We hope the beaver could defend himself and that he could survive the attack of the animals. At least the two animals seem to be frightened.

17. The mysterious look of a coyote

We do not know the reason for this mysterious look of the coyote. But we definitely like this rare moment. The direction of growth of the grass fits with the direction of the look of the coyote. That is why this photo has a mysterious effect. Take a look at the next photo.

18. The elegant beauty of a cat

Could you ever take such a photo with a cat that has such an elegant appearance? We see the opportunities of a trail cam. You can see the colors and the contours very well despite the dark scene. This picture shows that simply moments may lead to such beauty photos.

19. Let’s get started for a flight

This turkey starts its flight. And in fact wild turkey are able to fly in contrary to our domestic turkeys. Unfortunately domestic turkeys cannot fly due to the higher weight. Now, do you still remember the angry look of the prior turkey? We still hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving.

20. The regency of the turkey

These turkeys are ruled by the three turkeys in the background of the photo. Their majestic posture shows that they are the kings. What would they think about more democracy? We guess that the others turkeys would not dare to ask about it, due to their determined posture. Take a look at the next photo.

21. Beauty in its perfection

It is not only the beautiful landscape that makes the photo perfect. The posture of the bear is unique. The landscape and the posture of the bear show us the beauty of nature in its perfection! Here we clearly see the potential of a trail cams, which are often underestimated!

22. Alpha deer

The posture of this deer is impressive due to its straight look to the camera and its strong legs. But it might be the deer that was chased by the owl. Maybe it trained its muscles after that and wants to take revenge. It is a great picture after all.

23. The struggle for women

Yes, animals are also forced to prove theirs skills in front of a female animal. In this picture you see how two birds are involved in a battle to win the heart of the beloved one. At least we human beings are able to prove our skills without our fists.

24. The wrong time to make a picture

This deer does not look amazed, but we can understand it. It did not have enough time to style its hair. We all know what Mondays look like, right? For this reason we will not judge the deer for its hairstyle. Maybe we can show a picture from Friday the next time.

25. ‘What did you eat last summer?’

Animals are able to express their emotions and this turkey does not look amused. Maybe he is angry about the fact that we eat up his conspecifics. It is kind of hard to stop eating his conspecifics, isn’t it? Hopefully you will not remind his look of reproach the next Thanksgiving.

26. I came to say goodbye

As you already know, there are also party poppers among animals. This deer seems not to be interested in having a photo shooting. His posture let us assume that he is bored and disinterested. Nevertheless, his antler still looks impressive. It shows the facets of nature and its beauty.

27. Vanity of cats

The vanity of cats exists also in nature. This pictures presents a cat that cleans up himself. Despite the fact that this cat is a real predator, he still cares about his hygiene. A great pictures that shows the natural behavior of animals in the wild nature. We are impressed by this behavior.

28. Laziness within the forest life

So there is another thing that animals have in common with humans. It’s about the laziness! This bear does not want to swim and prefers to pass the river with the help of the trunk. So it is not only laziness that we have in common with animals, but also intelligent as well.

29. Romance

Bild: Imago / Greatstock

This could be a new movie scene for the film ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Animals also need time for the important things of life like love as we can see. We hope that nobody did disturb them. Animals have a need for a relationship like human beings. So all you need is love and it does not matter if you are an animal or a human.