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Make every stay even better with these 40 smart hotel hacks!

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Some people use to spend a lot of time in Hotels all over the world. Maybe you visit hotels because of your work while business trips or you just enjoy a time out for your holiday. But if you spent a lot of time in hotels, you know, this time can be quite disturbing.

Strange noises from the other rooms, doors that close immediately after you went through or smelly clothes, that ain’t fresh as soon as you arrive in your room. Staying at a hotel can be very annoying, but we promise, with this amazing hotel hacks, you will love staying at a different place.

1. Keycard Hack

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Do you think it is annoying to put your hotel key Card in the slot to bring some light in your room or to make the air contidion work? You do not have to put your key card in the slot, it can be any card you bring with you.

Use an old card you do not need anymore to make your hotel room a nice, friendly and refreshed stay for your trip. Every card like a credit card or something similar fits this hotel slots all over the world so you can keep your hotel key card with you all the time.

2. The hack with the hotel intern bottle opener

We all know this, we stay at the hotel, our luggage is full of stuff we think, we could need during this stay, but we left the very important things at home. What to do if you are in need of a bottle opener for a fresh beer or something. Before you put that bottle down, just look around in your hotel room? There is a chance to open up your bottle now.

The hinge above the door can be used to open your cold one very good . There is no need of a regular bottle opener with this hotel hack.

3. Arrival hack

After your arrival and check in to the hotel, you only want to get your luggage to your room and spent some time to rest. But if you need some time to get all of your luggage into your room, a closing door can be quite annoying.

Use this amazing hotel hack, to get your stuff easily into your hotel room. You just need to hook the hanger from the closet to your door, to keep it open all the time you need to get your luggage into the room. There is no fear of a closing door, while you’re checking in your room.

4. Say goodbye to leaked liquids

We all had this experience before: You arrive at your hotel room and as soon as you open your luggage, you see this disaster: Your shampoo, soap or other liquids has nearly destroyed your clothes, books and all the things that were in your luggage. But the leaky liquids are no longer a problem with this awesome hotel hack:

Just put some piece of plastic wrap between the bottle and the cap to prevent a leak. You can use plastic wrap from shopping bags or plastic wrap from your kitchen to make your travelling much easier and maybe you’ll try this tip the next time.

5. Enjoy the silence

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During the summer seasons the hotels all around the world are very crowded and people be often so loud during their stay at the hotel. To get the relaxed time you need, this next hotel hack can be a very good one for you.

If you feel disturbed during your stay, and are not able to change to another room, you can put towels to the gap under your door. This will keep the loud noise outside your room so you can enjoy the silence and have a relaxed holiday in a busy hotel. Keep that noise outside easily.

6. Fresh air

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Especially in southern countries, that are very hot, the dry air can make you feel very uncomfortable. You can not breathe and this hot and dry air is quite disturbing during your stay. But with this very easy but effective hotel hack, you might feel better and get some new, refreshing air.

Just add a damp towel on top of a suitcase rack and put it in front of the radiator. The air feels more fresh and moistened, so that is better to breathe and doesn’t make you sweat like the hot and dry air it was before.

7. Be aware of germs

You might check your hotel to see if this one is really cleaned up. You might be calmed if the toilet, the shower and the beds are clean. But there is something, that can be the home of plenty of germs.

The remote control is been used very much in hotel rooms all over the world. But it won’t be cleaned up very often. To prevent you from germs, you can put a plastic bag around the remote control to use it without to get in touch with the germs on it. In times of Corona, this hack is so useful.

8. Stay at this special place for long

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Most of the travelers stay in a hotel for a week. But if you stay longer, you can use Special Discounts for Visitors, that stay longtime at this place.
It is easier for hotels to keep guests for a longer time than to get new guests all way round. So, if you decide to stay longer, ask for special prices or discounts that make your stay even better.

Maybe you can get an upgrade to your room, a wellness treat for a special price or you might experience a dinner for a lower price. Just ask the stuff if there are discounts for long-stay guests.

9. Minibar Hack

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Some of us like to enjoy a little snack or a cold drink after a nice day at your destination. But we all know, that the Minibar is far too expensive to get your treats out of it, but we have a trick that’ll help you out.

Modern Hotels use Minibars, that put the things from the Minibar automatically to your bill, even if you put the drinks or snacks back into the minibar. So check your bill carefully when you check out. Prove them, that you put the things back in the minibar and get your lower bill.

10. Good night

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Sleeping in a foreign place can be challenging for someone. Different sounds and lights disturb the needed sleep. To get the Lights out, we try to put the curtains together, but there is still is a gap between them. You can use pants hangers to put the curtains together, so there is no light that disturbs your sleep.

Just put the curtains between the clips and get them together. The curtains stay close together, so that no light can get between them. This easy hotel hack can improve your stay and make sure, that you are getting the well deserved sleep you need while discover your holiday Destination.

11. Do your own research

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You want to discover the place around you and are in need for some helpful advices for good Restaurants, Shops or bars? Do not just ask the hotel staff. Of course, they know all the good places around the hotel area, but if the hotel they work for has own restaurants and bars, they are not able to recommend other restaurants.

The only way to find out about a really good restaurants or bars is to make your own research and then ask the staff especially about this or that restaurant or bar. They might now give you some advices.

12. Do not take guests with you

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As we know, hotel beds can sometimes have some unexpected guests in it. Bed bugs are very common in hotel rooms, even in very good hotels, too. But be careful, don’t you take this Special guests with you, when you are travelling home.

Do not put your luggage on the bed. The little bugs might hide in your luggage, so you take them home unseen. You should check your hotel bed after your arrival, move on in the bathroom and check the other furniture as well. Take a closer look, so you can spot the little bugs and you won’t have any problems.

13. Ask the service team

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Everybody who spends time abroad knows, that you always forget something at home. But don’t be sad. If you forget something important at home, there is always a way to get it at the hotel.

Ask at the check in if you need a thing. They do not help only with shampoo or a hairdryer. You can also get some pencils or a sewing kit, in some good Hotels you can borrow even some video console for your children. Don’t be too shy to ask, most of the time, the friendly staff is glad to help you out with anything you need.

14. Get prepared and call in advance

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If you’re desperately looking for a hotel or you want to make sure, everything is ready for your visit, you should call in advance and do the first contact to the hotel staff. Especially when you are looking for a hotel for a short break, you should call in advance and do the Research with your phone.

There is a better chance to plan your visit while you call the hotel directly instead of emailing them or try to check in via internet. Best chances on the phone you will have in small Hotels or hostels.

15. Stay in a secret hotel room

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Secret hotel rooms are rooms for travelers on a budget. You can book them last minute or in advance but you do not know what hotel you are staying in until you arrive.

Hotels offer this secret rooms to travelling agencies, so they won’t stay empty during the holiday season. If you do not mind, to do not know in which hotel you are staying during your vacation, you can save up to 50% for your hotel. This is the best chance you can get if you‘re a traveler, that do not want to spend so much during their vacation.

16. Room for one

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When you are booking a room for your stay, get used to book a room for only one adult. If you book for more than one adult, the hotel charges you more, no matter how many people show up and of course also no matter how many people will live in this room.

But if you only book for one adult, they sometimes do not mind how many people show up. You can save some money when your reservation is only for one adult, instead of two or three. If they mind, you can use an update to make the Reservation count to the amount of people staying.

17. Make your travelling even better

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If you are travelling a lot, you should use bonus cards or even a travel reward credit card, that adds bonus points on every vacation you are abroad.

If you collected a lot of points, you can use them to get an upgrade on your hotel room, get some free miles on your next flight or change them into a free room in your favorite hotel. Some Hotels even have Specials for guests, which use their free customer cards. So if you spent a lot of time abroad, it could be useful to use some customer hotel cards all over the world.

18. Do not use room service all day

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To have a little luxury in your vacation is all right. But if you overdo so much room service, you would be surprised about the high bill. If you like to save some money, you should get some food in the supermarkets near the hotel.

If you have a water boiler in your hotel room, you can easily make some Asian noodles from the supermarket nearby in your hotel room and enjoy this as a nice meal. It could save you a lot of Money when you buy nearby instead of using the room service all day.

19. Useful shower caps

Although most of the People do not use the hotel free shower caps, this one is a special thing for one of the best hotel hacks.

You can use the shower cap to save your laundry from your dirty shoes when you travel home. Just put the cap around your shoes and you do not need a bag for your shoes. Or you can use the shower cap instead of a bag to put it around the remote control to prevent the contact to germs. So, this shower cap is a very useful thing in a hotel room. You can use it for more than one thing!

20. Clever breakfast hack

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We enjoy the international breakfast at a hotel in the morning. But we do not enjoy the cold butter, that we can find at the buffet.

If you are hungry and do not want to wait until the butter is not so cold anymore, you can use the toaster to warm it up. When you are waiting for your toast to pop out, just lay the butter on the toaster, so it can heat up a little and you can add it easily to your fresh toast. Enjoy your breakfast and have a nice day. It all starts with breakfast!

21. The Best price guaranteed

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You have learned before, that it can be useful to use hotel customer cards. If you have some points collected, you can use them to get a guaranteed the best price on your favorite hotel room and get some specials during your stay.

Hotel chains like the Hilton or Marriott Hotels use this trick to comfort you, they give guests the Special treatment they need to come back. Just ask at the desk for hotel customer cards or make sure to get a Card before you book your stay at your favorite hotel and you can enjoy the stay the most.

22. Invest some money in your holiday

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It might help to have an unforgettable stay at your hotel, if you spent 20 Dollars on your check in. When you are asked for your Drivers license, you can hand over the desk worker 20 Dollars to receive a nice upgrade on your room.

In some cases they will and may be refuse the Money, but do not mind it, but if they do not, you can be happy as you have a nice room. If you like a very comfortable room, you should think twice about spending money in the hotel. Just try and see what happens.

23. Bed bugs again

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We’ve already warned you to be careful when you enter the hotel bed. Of course, the sheets will be changed regularly, but the bedspread is used very often without a change. So when you get in your room, you should get rid of the bedspread, just put it in the corner, but do not use it.

If there are bed bugs, they certainly are in the bedspread, that needs to be washed or changed regularly. Be aware of bed bugs and other uninvited guests in your hotel bed and take a closer look through the pillows and sheets before you go to sleep.

24. A safe place for the toothbrush

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The toothbrush is a very intimate item, that you do not want to touch a hotel surface. But the hotel staff will put your toothbrush down as soon as they come in to clean the bathroom and that’s, to be honest, not what we want, is it?

You can use this awesome hotel hack to let your toothbrush stay clean. Just get a paper cup of the Hotel Lobby or a Restaurant and cut a hole in the middle of it. Now put your toothbrush through this hole and place it in the bathroom of your room. It will not touch any surfaces now.

25. Special Events- Special Needs

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If you travel for a special reason, you should let the hotel staff know. They can give you an upgrade to your hotel room or make your day a special one with some nice benefits.

It is in your hands, but if the staff knows, when you celebrate a special event in their place, they can make your visit even more comfortable, so you will have an unforgettable stay in the hotel. Maybe they spend some red wine to the honeymooners or maybe you will receive a Birthday cake for that special day. Let them know so you will know.

26. Make your choice

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When you check in to the hotel, you can ask if there is a chance to see different rooms, that are available. The hotel workers often give you rooms, that aren’t the best free rooms in the hotel.

If you do not like your view, or you need a room with more space, you shouldn’t wait to ask if there is another room, that is available. Do you like another room? There is certainly the chance to switch your rooms. If you like to switch, you shouldn’t wait to long to ask, Maybe another guest will like your favorite room.

27. Complain, but be polite

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In a hotel can something be wrong. Maybe the coffee at the breakfast was too cold, there was no warm water in your shower or anything else was somehow wrong.

You can complain in your hotel but remember to always be polite. If you have had some serious problems during your stay, you should let the hotel Manager know. But please remind all the time, that these are humans too, and they can make mistakes from time to time. If you complain, but still stay nice, you could receive a discount or something else to redress your stay.

28. Use your platinum

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We already recommended the special use of customer cards before, but even with your credit Card, you might get some specials at your hotel.
Do not mind the extra fee, that comes with your platinum card, because you can save a lot of Money while travelling around the world.

When you show up with your platinum card, you might get a discount for your hotel room and save your money. You might even get an upgrade to your room, when you show up with your platinum.
If you travel a lot, this can be a nice hotel hack.

29. Stop foggy mirrors

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This hack is not only for your stay in a hotel, it also works very well in every bathroom. When you take a shower and need to rush to the breakfast or to the office, you can not wait for the mirror to get clean.

If you do not want to wait too long in the bathroom, just rub some soap from a bar on to the mirror, rub it dry with a cloth and it won’t get foggy ever again. Goodbye to the times when you were waiting for the foggy mirror to get clean again. What a lifehack!

30. Please do not disturb

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There are some cases, why you do not want to get the hotel staff in your room. Maybe you’ve had an argue with them or do you think, something got stolen from your room?

If you need your time alone, just put the “Please do not disturb” sign on your door . The staff will think, you are still in your room, even if you are not and will not enter your room. This can prevent uninvited guests or even unfriendly hotel staff from entering your room. Use this hack when you do not want the staff to come into your room.

31. Come when you want

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A lot of hotels will give your booked room away, if you do not show up until the latest check in time. But if you are a well known guest in that hotel you are staying in, they might give you the opportunity to use a later check in.

This is another chance to get a better service when you use your customer cards in hotels, you’re often staying in. So do not worry, when you cannot show up in time and check in at the hotel, they will know you and keep your Reservation and that’s how easy it actually is.

32. Boiled eggs in your room

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Some hotels just take an extra fee on the breakfast, if you wish boiled eggs. But you can save that extra fee with this amazing hotel hack. Just put an egg in the hotel kettle on your room and get a hot boiled egg whenever you want one.

The kettle is a smart hack, so you can make a nice dinner with some hot water if you like ramen noodles or some people even boiled Spaghetti in the hotel kettle. You can have breakfast, dinner or even a snack all the time when there is a kettle in your room.

33. Check in – check out

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Especially when you like to travel in the summer times, when hotel rooms are booked out very very fast, you can use this smart hotel hack, to get the best room you want.

Go online and book a room for a cheap price. Now you are safe, cause you’ve saved a room. If you are not pleased with the room you’ve booked, you can search online for a better one in the area. Just cancel the first one, and book the better room, if you change your mind again, you can switch rooms again without to pay any fees.

34. Check the emergency exits

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After you are checked in at your hotel room, you should go on and experience your hotel for an emergency. Just move around and take a look at the floors. Where are the emergency Exits?

How can you leave when there is a fire or accidents? You should be aware of those things, but most of the people ignore those signs. But in case of an emergency, you are safe when you know where the emergency exits are. Use this smart hack and you will know what to do, when there is need to get off the hotel immediately.

35. Change your dinner

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If you stay as a long time guest in your hotel, you might get tired from the dinner buffet they offer you. If you need some change in your eating habit, you can make a nice dinner on your hotel room as well.

A lot of hotels offer rooms with a little kitchen in it, which means, you can prepare a dinner for you and your beloved ones, that travel with you. Make yourself a home when you enjoy dinner on your balcony with a view. You can find all the groceries in the shops nearby and save some money as well.

36. Use hotels own credit cards

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If you travel a lot for your business or for private reasons, you might know the specials, you will receive when you use a hotel own credit card.

Every time, you show up at this certain hotel, you will get some extra points and get a special service that saves you some money in the end. This one is a Special hack for everyone, that used to travel a lot and spend most of their time in hotels all over the world. Think About getting a hotel credit card, that can help you save a lot of money. So better you hurry and get one of those.

37. A big chance for orange juice

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Fresh glass of juice is so nice when you show up on the breakfast in your hotel. But unfortunately, the glasses for juice are often so small, so you can walk from time to time to get some juice again.

Grab a mug from the coffee table and get your juice in it. You do not need to go again and again to get some fresh juice. Some hotels offer even some lids for the coffee cups, so you can take your Juice with you easily.
It is so nice to enjoy the Fresh juice and get a refreshing at the breakfast.

38. Don’t you Forget

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When you are excited or trying to relax a bit, you might forget some things, you will need in your holiday. How often do we have to go back to the room, because we left the mobile or the camera at the hotel room?

Use this hack to save you some time: Just take all of your things with you all the time, so you get used to taking all your valuables with you.
Or you can lay your keychain near your valuables, so you can see them before you are going to leave your hotel room. This might remind you to take them with you.

39. Use the alert to get the best price

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Only booking is so easy. You can see pictures of the hotels and also see the best prices for the booking. But the price is changing nearly every day. If you have some time for your booking, you should set the alerts for your favorite hotel.

Set the reminder, so you get a notification if the price drops and it is the best time to make your booking. You can also watch the changing of Prices from time to time and make your choice for the best price. Use Sites like Kayak or for checking the best prices.

40. Comfort for families

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When you’re travelling with small children, they will not get to sleep n that foreign bed and want to come to their parents. Make it more comfortable and ask for a bed cot, so your kids can sleep near with you, but you do not have to share your space in the adult bed.

With this hotel hack for parents, you can sleep near your beloved, but can spend the night without a fight for space or get some knees in your face. Enjoy your holiday. We hope that does tips and tricks will or even helped you whenever you stay/ed at a hotel.