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49 pictures of hidden things you’ve never seen this way before

Bild: Wikimedia / Public Domain

The world has many hidden sides and as humans we certainly haven’t seen nearly half of what the whole world has to offer. So many unnoticed things exist that sometimes it needs a different perspective to perceive them. We show you amazing pictures of things that you surely have not seen until now.

A square starfish

Have you ever seen a square starfish? This is really amazing: Because of a birth defect, some five-pointed starfish can emerge as a square. You’d think SpongeBob and Patrick were merging. Take a careful look the next time you go diving. Maybe you are lucky and see such a specimen.

A blowhole of a whale

We take a closer look into the ocean again. But now we talk about the largest animal in the sea. Have you ever seen the blowhole of a blue whale? It actually looks like a huge nose. Many people think that it is just a hole on the back, but that is not true.

Inside a Firework Shell

Fireworks are really something incredibly beautiful. Everybody loves that colorful magic in the sky. You’ve probably wondered about the different effects that fireworks produce. Here is a picture of the construction of a firework shell. And to be honest: That really seems to be complicated. Don’t you think so?

A flowering artichoke

Artichokes are not only very healthy, but also very tasty – there are really delicious recipes. And certainly everyone has seen the leaves of this plant. But this is what they look like when they are not harvested for food. Who would have thought that artichokes bloom in such a beautiful way. These plants are really extraordinary.

Pearls from inside

Pearls are beautiful and timeless. They are truly amazing products of nature. For many women, they are extraordinary pieces of jewelry. But have you ever seen the inside of a pearl? Would you have thought that when you cut a pearl in half, it looks like a tree stump? Fascinating, isn’t it?

An empty Boeing

Flying is something quite normal nowadays, whether for private or professional purposes. Most people have boarded an airplane many times and know what it looks like inside a plane. But have you ever seen a completely empty plane without seats? Probably not. Just have a look at this picture, then you will know.

A lily pad from the bottom

Water lily pads are truly unique. They float on the water, but are anchored to the ground. Frogs can sit on them, enjoying the sun. Have you ever thought about what a lily pad looks like from the bottom? Well, all you have to do is turn one over. It’s a truly fantastic sight.

Behind the scenes

Are you a fan of action movies? Then maybe you have seen the movie Baby Driver. While watching it, did you wonder if the actors in the cars could drive that well? No, it wasn’t the case here. In Baby Driver, the real driver sat on the roof of the car.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a landmark that is known worldwide. A lot of People who travel to this place have their own mission to take the funniest photo with the Tower. But have you ever wondered what the tower looks like inside? Well, it’s actually hollow. Did you expect this?

A reporter at work

On television, you usually only see a reporter from the front. The back of a report, however, is much more exciting, because it hides what the people in front of the TV at home don’t see. Well, if you look at the back, you see all the messy wiring.

Legs after The Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the most famous cycling races in the world. The participants have to cover an incredible number of kilometers at high speed on the bike. It is probably not surprising that the legs of this bike racer look like this after the long distance.

A soggy foot

We now move on to another part of the body. It’s really not a pretty sight. Has your foot ever been soaked that it looks like the foot here in the picture? The person must have had his foot in the water a little too long. And this is the result.

Ronald McDonald molding cast

What do you see when you look at this picture? It definitely looks kind of creepy. What’s shown here is the molding cast for Ronald McDonald statues. Would you have guessed? This thing looks really wild. It’s hard to imagine that this is supposed to turn into the funny clown.

Behind the backdrop of a bowling alley

Each of us has probably been in a bowling alley. But who has ever looked behind a bowling alley? And who would have thought that the back part looks like a laundromat? This picture was taken by a technician. He also should have explained why the balls get stuck so often.

An air mattress from the inside

What’s the first thing you think when you see this picture here? You really can’t figure it out by yourself. But we’ll quickly enlighten you. Because what you see here is the inside of an air mattress. A really strange picture. You might think it’s something much more mysterious.

Inside a toothpaste

Admit it: You’ve probably wondered what the inside of a toothpaste tube looks like. Now you don’t have to cut through your tube to find out. Because in this picture, we show you what it looks like inside. Kind of nice, isn’t it? In any case, it encourages to brush the teeth.

A baby flamingo on its long legs

Flamingos are really beautiful animals, and for sure every one of us once have seen a flamingo. But have you also ever seen a baby flamingo? Well, now we will show you such a cute specimen. It looks a little funny. Like a little fluffy ball with really long legs.

The tail of an elephant

Have you ever seen an elephant at the zoo or in a nature park? Sure you have! But surely you didn’t pay much attention to its tail. You have to get very close to this big animal. The hair on the tail of an elephant is incredibly thick. It looks like a bundle of wires.

The inside of a spacesuite

This one should interest everyone who always wanted to be an astronaut. This picture shows that a spacesuit is much more than a garment made of shiny material. After all, this suit keeps people alive while they travel in the infinite expanses of the universe. This is a really impressive photo.

A beautiful ice crystal

Have you ever seen such a beautiful ice crystal? It was found by chance in Switzerland. Of course, there is no guarantee that every ice crystal found that will be found there will look like some kind of tiny sculpture. But this specimen is really a beautiful stroke of luck.

A rare albino buck

This picture was taken by a woman who had the great luck to see an albino buck outside her son’s daycare. Fortunately, she had immediately been able to take a picture of the rare animal. Albinos do not occur very often in nature. Nevertheless, they are also really beautiful animals.

Tumbleweed before rolling away

Have you ever seen Tumbleweed rolling down a street? It rolls because of the force by the wind. At least in movies you have certainly seen it before. But do you know what it looks like in its normal state? Well, this is what it looks like. Are you surprised now?

A battery from the inside

That’s a bit strange, isn’t it? Sometimes small things hide behind bigger ones. This large battery is simply made up of several AAA batteries. Would you have thought that? After all, usually you probably not get the idea to open a battery. Well, someone did it and this is the result.

Cinnamon before processing

Do you like cinnamon? Well, most people know cinnamon as a brown powder. This spice not only tastes great, but is also healthy. But what does cinnamon actually look like before it’s processed? Well, here you can see it. And it’s truly amazing. Because freshly cut cinnamon looks like a normal tree bark.

A bowling ball from inside

Take a close look at this picture. Can you make out what this green thing is? Well, probably most of the people don’t know what it could be. It’s actually the inside of a bowling ball. Who would have thought that these heavy balls would have something like this inside them.

A theater backstage

Bild: Imago / ZUMA Wire

You’ve certainly been once to a theater, right? Like most people, you’ve sat in your seat in the auditorium and looked at the stage. But what kind of view do all the actors, dancers or artists actually have? Well, they have this view of the theater stage. Respectful, isn’t it?

An eye after corneal transplantation

Have you ever had eye surgery? The eyes are certainly the most sensitive parts of the body. That is why most people can hardly imagine what it is like to have surgery on the eyes. But sometimes this is simply necessary. This picture shows an eye after a corneal transplant.

Blood vessels

Can you imaging what this picture shows you? I’m sure you’ve never seen that before. Well, those are the blood vessels in a human hand. With so many blood vessels, you can now understand why it bleeds so much when you cut your hand. Somehow this image is fascinating, isn’t it?

Scars don’t seem to sweat

Do you have a scar or two on your body? But there is one fact that you probably don’t know yet. Are you interested? Well, did you know that scars don’t sweat? The man in this picture discovered it after a sweaty workout that left a funny pattern on his sleeves.

A rare albino raccoon

We have already shown you an albino buck. But have you ever seen an albino raccoon? Somehow you can’t tell at first view that it’s a raccoon because its typical mask is missing from its face, don’t you think? It somehow looks a bit like a mouse that has grown too big.

Thick sheep wool

Have you ever stroked a sheep? When it’s not shorn, it has really thick wool on its body. You can see that very well in this picture. It shows the thick wool of an Australian Merino sheep. Can you imagine that this will later become your warm and cozy sweater?

A chameleon during shedding

Reptiles are fascinating for many people. That is why they are often kept as pets. Chameleons belong to the lizards, and therefore they also have to shed their skin. But have you ever seen how a chameleon sheds its skin? Well, here is an impressive picture of it. Really fascinating, isn’t it?

How to move a whole house

Probably everyone has moved at some point in his life. But sometimes you would love to take your house with you. Well, this is actually possible. It is certainly not cheap and not easy, but in this way you can move your whole house from the place. This is a fascinating feat of engineering.

A palm print of a child

Kids like to dig in the mud and dirt, I think we all know that. The photo shows the imprint of bacteria on an 8-year-old’s hand after the child played outside for a short time. That’s why you should always make sure kids wash their hands when they come in from outside.

How to lay bricks

Why complicate when it can be so simple. Instead of laying the stones individually, the Dutch have adopted this method. It saves a lot of time, of course. And time, as we all know, is money. This is really a very clever method that shows how you can make your life easier with the right technology.

Inside of Space Mountain

Disneyland is a popular destination, and not just for kids. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland and experienced Space Mountain, you know it’s one of the top rides in the theme park. It’s dark the whole ride, but this is what it looks like when the lights are on inside.

How Furby looks inside

Children really love toys. How could it be otherwise. But do you know Furby? This is a very popular toy. However, the cuddly friend looks quite strange without its fur. Certainly no child would play with it like that. Quite the opposite. Probably children would be rather afraid of it.

What is wrong here?

Many people love to get a tan from the sun. However, you also have to be careful when you expose yourself to the sun too much. Above all, you should tan your body evenly, otherwise it looks kind of weird. The face of this young lady clearly darker than her arm.

An opened spray paint

If you’ve ever used an aerosol can, you’ve probably noticed the clacking sound when you shake it. This is a small ball that is inside the can. Here, someone has cut open an aerosol can and this is the result. It looks like a little marble. Kind of nice, isn’t it?

A pool table from inside

Playing pool billiard is not only an interesting sport, but also a popular pastime. And here is something that for sure only few people have seen so far: The inside of a billiard table. It’s quite fascinating how things work at their core. And now you also know what a pool table looks like from the inside.

A movie theater behind the scene

Cinemas are really something great. You can watch your favorite movies on the big screen. And of course, the sound is also much better in the cinema. But have you ever seen a system for a premium surround sound? Well, here’s an impressive picture of it. That’s really incredible, isn’t it?

A Redbox looks like this inside

Do you know such a machine? Well, in America, the Redbox machine is very popular. You can rent there any DVD it has in stock for a day and then just return it. It’s a really great system. Because it’s quick and easy. And this is what a Redbox machine looks like inside.

A potato truck while unloading

You for sure don’t think about that all day, but it’s still an interesting thing. However, if you do think about it, it makes sense that a transport truck arriving at the Frito Lay factory full of potatoes would be unloaded in this way. Sometimes a simple invention makes our lives so much easier.

A decomposed cactus

Cacti are frugal houseplants and perfect for people who do not have a green thumb. But even if you somehow manage to make a cactus die, it seems that this is not the end. Even if the cactus dies and decomposes, the spines will remain. And with them, you can still decorate your apartment, right?

A big gasoline container

Surely every one of us has been to a gas station. But have you ever wondered how all the stock of gasoline is stored? Well, it’s not surprising, that it takes a while for the gas pump to run out of gas. The containers that lie under the gas stations are enormous!

A human nervous system

This picture is really impressive. You see here an intact human nervous system. It was dissected by two medical students in 1925, which took over 1500 hours. An incredibly impressive piece of work. In total, there are only four fully intact nervous systems in the world that are outside the human body.

Leaving the atmosphere in a space shuttle

Bild: Wikimedia / Public Domain

Coming to the end we show you another very impressive picture. Here you can see a space shuttle leaving the atmosphere. This view on a space launch is unique. From this perspective you can really see how far a spaceship has to fly to leave the earth. Wow, This is amazing!

A look in the mouth of a sperm whale

Bild: Imago / Nature Picture Library

Whales are real giants of the seas. But have you ever seen the mouth of a sperm whale? The sperm whale is the largest toothed predator and the largest of the toothed whales. It is interesting to note that the sperm whale actually has no teeth in their upper jaw.