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40 brides show personality

Bild: Imago / Addictive Stock

On her wedding day, the bride is the center of attention. On such an important day, every woman wants to look especially beautiful. Before she makes her appearance for the wedding ceremony, the excitement is huge, especially for the groom. What will his future wife look like? What kind of dress is she going to wear?

The tension also rises among the guests and when the bride finally makes her grand entrance, all eyes are on her. Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and acquaintances look at her: the main person of the wedding celebration. Every woman wants to underline her personality with her wedding dress. The range of dresses is diverse and ranges from traditional to extraordinary styles.

1. Anime Style

Let’s dive right into the world of “somewhat different” wedding dresses. We want you to be warned: it will be quite fun! This lady, for example, stands out among the wedding guests just because of her short green hair.

And her dress – well, taste is debatable – but at least we have to admit one thing: the tattoos certainly harmonize with the colorful details of this wedding dress. The anime style is definitely made for her. But wait for the next dress: this girl is on fire!

2. Fire and flame

The words in Alicia Key’s famous song apply perfectly here. “This girl is on fire”. This could actually have been the motto for this womens’ wedding dress. But to be honest – some wedding guests may ask themselves what she thought when buying the dress for her wedding day. The original design of this dress, which appears innocent white from the front at first glance, captivates everyone at second glance.

Maybe the red flames on the white train signal that this woman is on fire for her future husband and is looking forward to being married to him. It’s a clear statement that maybe the groom would be happy to hear.

3. A wedding for the Guinness Book

One can only guess how long this train is. It certainly attracts attention because of its length, although even without the train the bride is a beautiful sight and would attract attention. What was the bride thinking? Did she want to get into the Guinness Book of Records? I’m sure she did.

Or did she want all wedding guests to have the opportunity to wear her train? In any case, it is a fancy idea to connect wedding guests who don’t know each other yet. This can only be a successful wedding celebration. One thing is for sure, this wedding dress train will be a topic of conversation for a long time to come.

4. Camouflage-Look

Well, if these two immediately catch your eye or not probably depends on where they are – because this look is very well camouflaged in any case. The place for their wedding-shoot must be a very good one!

The groom also looks rather casual for a wedding with his white T-shirt and jeans. We’re not sure if the mother-in-law was happy with this bride and groom. We will probably never know. But the next picture shows you a “woolly” insight.

5. Woolly wedding

This dress shows without a doubt what the wearer likes to surround herself with. She loves her job and the sheep she raises in the idyllic countryside of England. So there’s no question that her favourite sheep from the flock will be there on her day of joy. It stands by her side and is also the donor of the noble yarn from which the woolly wedding dress was made. If that doesn’t bring happiness?

The two even have a certain resemblance. Does the groom still have a chance to be in the wedding photo? Surely, if he shares the passion of his future wife, the three of them will form a perfect unit and a beautiful future is assured.

6. The brave bride carries balloons

When talking about tradition, a white dress is usually chosen for the wedding. Preferred materials are silk, taffeta, tulle, lace and pearls. The finished gown requires poise when worn. On the other hand, it is unusual when a dress is made of differently shaped white balloons.

This seems to require special courage, because after all, there is the danger that the balloons will burst at any moment. This can happen just as much when greeting the guests as when embracing the newly-wed husband or cutting the wedding cake. As daring as it may seem, the balloon wedding dress is right on the trend.

7. The Shrek Couple

This bride and groom must be big Shrek fans, you can tell right away. Why else would they pose as Shrek and Fiona? I wonder what their future kids will say about these photos. This performance will definitely be remembered.

And if the bride and groom like it, then everyone is happy anyway. In the next picture it will be fairytale-like – we’ll tell you that much.

8. A beautiful fairy tale

Here we have another example of the classic phrase “if you like it”. Some say what a beautiful, romantic backdrop and in addition the outfit of the bride and groom. What could harmonise better?

The others say, not really my cup of tea. But what we would like to know is, did the wedding guests look “normal” or were they also allowed to realise themselves, because then a special atmosphere would certainly be created and think of the beautiful memories. Let’s continue with a bride and her frilly friends.

9. Too many frills, there’s no such thing!

The first question on our lips is, who is the bride? We’ll just assume the lady in the middle, but honestly, with so much white and frills, you just can’t be sure. Was there a bit of exaggeration here?

We think so, because these dresses are more reminiscent of grandma’s curtains. The next photo shows a bride who is definitely bulletproof.

10. Is this dress bulletproof?

At first glance, this picture scares us: these are the reasons, namely why is the father of the bride carrying a gun? Is there already a bad mood before the wedding? Maybe the bride’s father wants to gain the respect of her groom right away or send him a threat.

In any case, the bride has rather missed the mark with this dress, in our opinion, and then this bridal veil, which is more reminiscent of a funeral service. Here, too, the rule is: if you like it. We continue with a pizza dress, yes, you read that right.

11. Twilight-Wedding

This is what real fan love looks like. This lady is such a big fan of the Twilight saga that she had her wedding dress printed with the faces of the main actors. We would have loved to see what the groom had to say about it.

He practically had his competitor in front of him during his own wedding ceremony. Hopefully he is also as enthusiastic about the vampire films.

12. Dress vs. husband

In the culture of the Sinti and Roma communities living in Great Britain, wedding dresses have to be extremely pompous. There is even a TV show about it. This bride has fulfilled her dream of an XXL dress in pink.

The dress is so opulent that it hardly leaves room in the carriage for the newly-wed husband. The bride looks almost like a princess and shows the husband who wears the trousers.

13. Only the ship is missing

These two pirates must have been stranded on an island where they are now celebrating their wedding. They have certainly kept their enthusiasm for pirates since childhood. After all, it is not written anywhere that a wedding has to be celebrated with classic outfits. The two have definitely put their ideas into practice.

At the ceremony, there was a photo shoot to capture the bride and groom’s cool costumes. The nieces and nephews of the bride and groom certainly thought the theme of the wedding was cool.

14. Street-Art

This bride seems to love graffiti in the form of street art. So on her special day, she didn’t miss out on wearing a dress with graffiti. She certainly seems to be enthusiastic about it. The wedding was probably pretty colourful in terms of decoration too.

These are the best prerequisites for a great celebration. Your children will certainly be thrilled when they discover the pictures in the family album later.

15. All in blue

This bride apparently likes the colour blue and didn’t miss the opportunity to choose her wedding dress in this colour. And, because that was apparently not enough, she chose a model with lots of rhinestones. The groom will definitely have made eyes at her.

He probably already knows the unusual taste of his dream woman and has already reckoned with a crazy dress.

16. Winter Wedding

We strongly assume that this wedding took place in winter. The bride definitely has very unusual tastes. It’s lucky that the bridesmaids share her taste or at least let themselves be persuaded to wear these dresses out of good friendship.

We would have loved to see the groom’s outfit, because he probably wore something similarly crazy. Have you already spotted the LED’s in the bride’s dress.

17. Superhero Wedding

This bride has probably seen too many superhero movies. The idea of being photographed in this pose in a wedding dress is definitely something special. The dress itself is simple and classic. Only the accessories are reminiscent of a superheroine from a comic.

Maybe it was such a heroic feat to conquer her groom. We imagine a superhero-themed wedding to be cool.

18. Creepy bride and groom

Some of these outfits have given us the creeps, but this bride and groom take it to the next level. They dared to do something crazy and celebrated their wedding with zombie paint. After all, you can wear whatever you want at your own wedding.

I wonder what they had to eat. It is almost inappropriate that the photos were taken on a beach. A cemetery would have been much more appropriate.

19. Not without my fast food

This bride had some fun and made a dress out of fast food wrappers. She and her husband probably share a passion for fast food. Maybe they also met in such a fast food restaurant.

We just don’t want to know what the dress smelled like. We can only hope that it was unused packaging.

20. All just a game?

We don’t know if this lady really got married in this dress. In any case, the photo fits very well into this article, because the dress is really extraordinary and has the potential for a crazy wedding dress.

So if you’re planning a poker-themed wedding, this lady is a great template for outfits.

21. Aluminium dress

This dress should not really be worn in the sun, because the material reflects the sun’s rays in all directions. The bride doesn’t look very happy in her extraordinary dress either.

The material is certainly uncomfortable to wear. At least the sweat rolls right off. She should have reconsidered the choice of dress, because there are certainly much more comfortable dresses.

22. Who paid for it?

These two lovebirds have coordinated their outfits perfectly. They were probably made by the same designer. His speciality seems to be making expensive dresses and this bride and groom seem to be a happy customer.

The wedding dress is said to have cost around 200,000 euros. In some regions you can buy a whole house with that. We would have loved to be invited to this celebration.

23. Bride and groom united

This unusual outfit is called a half-dress-half-tuxedo in the fashion world. At a carnival or Halloween party, it is best suited to create confusion. An even better way to express self-love is with this ambiguity. Why not marry yourself? Afterwards, everyone is sure to feel a little happier than before.

Apparently, the half-dress-half-tuxedo look also fascinates celebrities. Actor Michael Urie caused a stir with a spectacular appearance at the 2019 Met Gala. Clad in a gorgeous pink tulle gown on one side and a glitter pinstripe suit on the other, he was hard to beat.

24. The main thing is orange

Is that orange or rather apricot? In any case, the choice of colours is unusual. Classic white was probably too boring for the bride. She let her imagination run wild and created an unusual wedding dress.

Of course, the groom also had to dress in matching colours. A pocket square or a tie in orange were probably not enough here.

25. Plucked chicken

There are only two possibilities how this wedding dress came to be. Either the budget was small and the dress was sewn together from whatever could be found. But it could also be that the bride has a penchant for feather boas.

It’s not to our taste, but that’s not really relevant. We wish her a happy marriage.

26. Only for warm days

If you are reading this article in winter, you will certainly feel a little chilly down below. At best, this dress is suitable for a wedding in Las Vegas, because most ministers would have had to take a deep breath as soon as they saw this daring dress.

At least the bride doesn’t have to worry about someone stepping on her skirt while dancing. Fortunately, everyone is allowed to wear exactly what they want at their wedding.

27. Marriage with the favourite food

“I’m scrumptious”, that’s what every bride wants to show her chosen one on her wedding day. What a nice idea when the bride expresses this with a dress featuring her future husband’s favourite food. He certainly won’t be able to resist and his mouth will start watering during the wedding.

Maybe the pizza even has a special meaning for the lovers. It’s both of their favourite dish and they ate their favourite pizza on their first date. Whatever the reason, this delicious design will be seen on many wedding dresses in the future.

28. Patriotic Wedding Dress

There are many themes that lend themselves to a wedding. This dress undoubtedly expresses national pride and will especially please a groom serving in the US Army. With the “Stars and Stripes” wedding dress, the bride also shows that she is especially proud to marry this man.

The 4th of July is a particularly popular wedding day to pay tribute to the independence of the beloved country. What a highlight if the bride wears a dress that shows the “Stars and Stripes”. This will also be an unmistakable reminder of the happy day in the wedding photo, in both senses of the word.

29. The Bride from Rainbow Land

Every dress tells a story, especially an extraordinary wedding dress. This dress seems to come straight from the rainbow wonderland and steals the show from every other dress. The candy-coloured bodice is studded with crystals that sparkle mysteriously in the glow of every light.

With a gorgeous skirt made of tulle in rainbow colours that beguile like the waves of love, it is made for a wedding. This extravagant wedding dress is a testament to special taste. Every bride wants to be the focus of attention on her big day, and this extravagant wedding dress in all colours will definitely do that.

30. Body Paint Bride

It’s hard to tell that this dress is not a dress at all. You can hardly believe or see it, but the top of this wedding dress is Body Paint. The fascinating design naturally attracts the attention of the groom and the guests. What an art, the bride looks dressed, and yet she is not. She is only wearing a skirt.

With this “dress”, every bride manages to be the centre of attention on her big day. This “wedding dress” has a special appeal for women who like to dare something, because after all, there is a risk of rain. So each of the guests asks the question: Is the colour waterproof?

31. This dress needs an explanation!

Wedding dresses are often chosen with reference to a cultural or fashion background. This dream in rosé is indeed a unique statement and not immediately recognizable as a dress for the big day. However, if it is considered a surprise gift for the groom, the design is original for a wedding dress. However, he will have to be patient until it is unwrapped.

Wedding dresses do not have to be practical and even at the traditional wedding dance the bride and groom have to keep their distance for the time being. What is important is that the bride can hold out her hand to the groom at the wedding ceremony so that he can put the ring on her.

32. Wedding in a Barbie dress

Looking like Barbie is something almost every girl has dreamed of. What better opportunity to fulfil this dream than your own wedding? This dream dress in pink will surely take the groom’s breath away, because his bride-to-be looks like a princess and wants to tell him something without words.

This is truly a real Barbie dress, with matching accessories to boot. Shoes and crown are perfectly coordinated with the dress. The skirt made of puffy tulle, silky hearts and the top with glitter heart not only emphasise the bride’s figure, but are also meant to say to the future husband: I LOVE YOU!

33. The bride as wedding cake

It doesn’t get more original than this! This bride is in the middle of the wedding cake that has sprung up around her like a dress. One thing is certain, the traditional treat must be eaten before the wedding ceremony to free the bride. How quickly this is done depends on how good the work of art made of cake batter, chocolate and buttercream tastes to the guests.

The sooner the cake is eaten, the sooner the groom can take his bride in his arms. The surprise of what her dress might look like under the cake remains exciting until the last bite. Then it’s finally off to the altar and everyone is looking forward to the wedding feast.

34. In love with “Hello Kitty”

Everyone should keep a little bit of being a child, it keeps you young and is fun. This bride doesn’t want to do without her beloved “Hello Kitty” on her big day and proudly wears the cute cat with a heart as an appliqué on her dress. She has always dreamed of this and has now made it come true. The question is, what will her groom say?

Parents proudly stand by their daughter. You may love it traditional, but you are happy to support your beloved child with a “Hello Kitty” balloon. Is there a more beautiful way to express love for a child?

35. Champagne enjoyment with the bride

The wedding guests will be more than amazed when the bride greets them in this dress. An original idea that has no equal. Every guest will gladly take a glass of champagne from the beautiful bride. However, hugs as a greeting are rather out of the question. Did the bride want to avoid all the touching?

One thing is for sure, the wedding cannot begin until every guest and the groom have picked up a glass of champagne. Only then do they go to the church for the wedding ceremony. After saying “I do”, the husband can then take his wife in his arms without hindrance and both can delight the guests with the wedding kiss.

36. On a cloud in 7th heaven

This wedding dress is more likely to come from the bride’s imagination than from a traditional wedding dress specification. The bride appears like an angel and light as a feather that will rise with the wind at any moment. One wonders: is the groom holding her tightly or does he want to fly with her?

The wedding couple seems to be one with the clouds in the background, and it almost looks as if they are rising and flying to cloud 7. The two are happy and enjoying their big day. This is bound to be a romantic wedding with the whole family.

37. It is supposed to rain roses today

How romantic when it rains roses on your wedding day. It looks like it was already raining roses for this bride before her big day. She is covered from head to toe in rose petals and will magically attract the eyes of the groom and guests with her fairytale floral dress.

The tradition of wearing a white dress on the day of the wedding and having something old and borrowed with you is not a worldwide one. Every culture has its own tradition, but it is not always insisted upon. How nice that a creatively designed wedding dress is welcome almost everywhere these days.

38. Dancing with the Wolves

This groom has found his queen in white and is enjoying the wedding day. The bouffant tulle dress is a feast for the eyes and gives the impression that the couple is stuck in the snow with the dogs. Unusual, but fitting for the location, is the groom’s outfit. Over his white suit he wears a cream-colored coat with imitation fur. As a counterpart to the crown, the hat must not be missing.

Real, however, are the bride and groom’s favourite companions. It’s hard to miss, and they can’t be missing on this big day. How impressive it will look when the two dance with the wolves.

39. Back to the 70s

Those who love nostalgia will not want to do without it on their wedding day. The bride is dressed in a chaste white dress with puffed sleeves and a trendy train. However, she is always outdone by the groom. His hair is just as eye-catching as the sky-blue colour and the stripes of his suit. A ruffled shirt is a must.

The happy couple is framed by a veritable splendour of flowers in violet. It is represented by the two bridesmaids, who wear festive large-flowered dresses. As a crowning touch, the flowery hats must not be missing. The influence of the flower power era is clearly visible. The motto is clear, it can be colourful.

40. Proud as a peacock

This is how it goes for this bride into marriage. With this wedding ensemble, she not only fully captivates her groom. The combination of white and gold makes the gown particularly noble, if not regal. The magnificent feather decoration can be easily removed and therefore does not interfere with dancing.

The many hours spent making the dress were worth it. Every detail of the costume, which is almost entirely handmade, makes it a breathtaking feast for the eyes. Even an angel is justified in wearing it and a queen would be impressed and wear it with pride.