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30 Drone-Captured Photos that were not intended For Your Eyes!

Bild: Love Silhouette /

A drone is a crewless aircraft that operates autonomously or controlled remotely. Although extant literature claim drones can infringe people’s privacy, there is little information showing how people feel about drones. In 2002, drones were initially used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Afghanistan. Since then, drones have various non-military applications such as capturing aerial images.

The application of drones in photography has increased photographers’ competition in capturing the best pictures. Top aerial photographs include surprise moments captured on camera, overarching views of natural disasters, and beautiful scenery and individuals caught in weird situations. The following photos are classic samples of incredible drone pictures.

1. Tanning

Bild: Oleg Elkov /

A young woman was captured in a compromising position getting a suntan on her rooftop. Although this is privacy invasion, this picture is an excellent example that anyone could be watching irrespective of your location.

The footage was captured by a novice drone operator and showed certain individuals shouldn’t fly drones. The video shows a young lady soaking under sunlight rays. When she notices the flying drone, she covers herself and chases it using her push broom.

2. Dolphin’s Lunch Time

Bild: F Photography R /

Dolphins efficiently work together. A drone video showed a glut of them overpowering a whale for food.

It shows how their kind works with almost military precision. Each of them has an essential role, like soccer players on a football field. They are a beautiful but also scary species.

3. Shark encounter

Isabelle Fabre shares clips of her kite surfing adventures with her followers on social media. When she was surfing over the coast of Western Australia, a white shark started circling her.

In the aerial photo taken by a drone, a big dark shadow is visible just meters away. She tried surfing away, but the winds were too light. Fortunately, Isabella managed to get to dry land unharmed.

4. That was Close!

Sean Scot (photographer) was recording footage of whaler sharks feeding on a large bait ball near the Red Bluff Beach when he noticed young kids floating near the feeding beasts.

The image shows kids floating on their bodyboards as one of the sharks swims closer for a look. Fortunately, the sharks eating underneath were disinterested with the boys and delved on their school of fish.

5. Cornfield Clown

This picture is quite bizarre and crazy. As a drone was flying around, taking pictures of animals near the cornfields, it spotted a clown in the fields.

It’s a human clown, and the guy had a reason to be there. However, it could be stages of a tease for Slipknot video. There has to be a logical explanation for his presence there.

6. Granite Giant

Some UFO believers can mistake this for projects from outer space. However, this an impressive 100-foot statue created by Jimmy Boyle (a convict from Edinburg).

Unfortunately, what remains now is one of its feet since the region has become dangerous to the community. It interfered with flood prevention projects, and since kids were also using it as their playing ground, neighbors grew weary of it.

7. Kilauea Caldera

Hawaii is famous her beaches and volcanoes; however, we can’t see the volcanoes at a closer range since there are various activities on the core, and it’s dangerous.

Fortunately for you, the personnel at Tushev Aerials captured stills from the Kilauea Caldera at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It seems the volcanic mountain is ready to erupt.

8. Hard working Farmers

Farmers work hard day and night from January to December with no breaks in between. That’s why they nurture their crops to their last breath if necessary. However, a drone captured a badass farmer who took things to another level.

The farmer decided to fight a massive fire by himself. He skeltered out to destroy a section of his plants to stop the fire and protect the remaining part of his land. He almost died but survived to tell a story.

9. Mexico City

Bild: Andrea Izzotti /

Mexico City is the most populated city worldwide and one of the most polluted places on earth, as shown by a drone picture. There’s no more space for parking, housing, or walking.

Mexico’s capital houses about 21 million individuals. Despite her land’s nature, people have set up building on plateaus and hills. Although the city looks crowded, other folks are still erecting buildings.

10. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is also among the most populated regions across the world. Since it has been a tech hub for several years, it houses a surplus of skyscrapers.

A picture captured by an advanced drone that could hover above the hundred-storied structures resembles something extracted from The Sims. More than 7 million folks reside within these walls.

11. Icelandic River


You may want to adjust your screen’s settings, but it’s working fine. It’s just how the image looks. The Icelandic river looks like pieces of the Van Gogh or Dali painting.

Foster Max captured the photo. He drove his drone more than 1,500 feet into the atmosphere to take the impressive shot.

12. St Francis Basilica

Bild: Davide Marzotto /

St Francis was one of Europe’s most significant religious figures. Thus, Catholics paid respect by erecting one of the most incredible structures on earth.

Found in Umbria, the Basilica is home to several churches and has a crypt that holds St. Francis’ remains. A drone-captured picture makes it look like its secluded from the town.

13. Tightrope Enthusiast

Bild: Karol Moraes /

Some people need a buzz and jostle to live their lives, which’s okay if you doubt that; take a gander at the drone pictures showing a tightrope enthusiast walking from one side of the hill to another.

The guy thought tight roping over Rio de Janeiro was the best idea. We hope he had some protection below for safety in case he slips.

14. 140-feet Tall House

Ever dreamt about being home alone? This house is what you should look for. It’s found on top of the Katshi Pillar within Western Georgia and is 140 feet tall.

A monk lives there and only comes down twice or once weekly. Everyone wants to be alone once in a while, right?

15. War Rubble

An unnamed individual took drone images of the war-torn part of Syria. The clip shows the extent of the damage, such as decimated walls, rubble buildings and estranged satellites indicating an abandoned town.

Although the footage does not capture the victims’ fear, it shows the magnitude of war and is quite chilling to look at.

16. Elephants’ Family

Bild: Robert Kdot /

Elephants shown in this picture were estranged from local tribes surrounding them and are probably searching for food. The African jungle is expansive, and locating water holes can be a tedious task.

This drone captured a family of elephants on their journey in the African Savannah. A short intermission of elephants, including their fathers, mothers, and babies.

17. Where Planes Rest in Peace

Most people never thought there was an area where planes die in peace, thanks to drones you can take in the picture. A drone showed a plane cemetery on Tucson, Arizona, where 4000 aircrafts lay in peace.

Erected in World War 2, this aviation graveyard is a resting spot for outdated aerial technology from across the United States.

18. Beware of Cheetahs

Cheetahs run at impressive speeds. With average speeds of 60mph, the fastest can run at 75mph. The quickest drone flies at about 85mph.

When the duo battles, it’s not certain who would win. This is an image of a drone about to be attacked by a cheetah. Who do you think would win: Drone or Cheetah?

19. Fort Bourtange

Bild: Rudmer Zwerver /

Fort Bourtange was built in the Netherlands in 1593 to defend and manage the road between Groningen City and Germany. It has undergone immense history in the past centuries and was recently changed into a museum.

Fort Bourtange gives a spectacular view from an aerial view, engulfed by a brilliant countryside and defensive moats.

20. Bathing Hippos

Bild: JamesFarleyPhotos /

The picture of bathing hippopotamuses won the Dronestagram drone photography of 2018. Martin Sanchez, the photographer, said:

“This was a highlight of my journey to Tanzania. The giant hippo bath was strictly VIP, however I knew how to get in, thanks to my drone.” Not anyone can gain such high end access.

21. Caught in Traffic

China is home to over 1.4 billion people; thus, it also experiences the worst jams ever seen. A drone image taken close to the Hong Kong Border on the Hong Kong-Beijing-Macau Expressway shows multiple vehicles snarled up in the 50-lanes of traffic. The traffic jam occurred after the Golden Week holiday.

Every year, more motorists drive on the roads to get their families during the holiday.

22. Unexpected Crash

Bild: blvdone /

A drone captured a scene on Los Angeles Freeway featuring a pile-up of eight vehicles in April 2017. A semi-trailer traveling north allegedly went past the centric divider and crashed into several vehicles going southbound.

The accident caused a huge blast leaving a black, thick smoke in the atmosphere. The smoke was visible from miles away. One person died from the collision, and ten others sustained minor injuries.

23. Tragic Crash

Bild: newretreads /

A crash involving two trailers and a car was caught by a drone close to Mount Isa, Queensland, in May 2017. The eastbound vehicle crashed into a westbound truck that was pulling three carriages.

A cattle vehicle that was also towing three carriages tried evading the collision but burst into flames as it crashed near the highway’s grass. The gravel truck driver sustained spinal injuries, but no one died.

24. Killer Whale vs Shark

Bild: Imago / Panthermedia

Although sharks are the most ferocious predators in the ocean, they are vulnerable to killer whales. Drone footage captured in 2016 shows how an orca devours a shark.

As a pod of hungry orcas passed through California’s ocean coast, a seven-gill shark also passed. One of the killer whales grabbed the shark-like a dog takes a bone and handed it to her two young ones to take
their bites.

25. Pork for Lunch

Bild: Ery Azmeer /

Apart from the vicious sharks and killer whales, the saltwater crocodile is also dangerous. It’s the largest reptile on earth (they grow up to 20ft in length and weigh over 2500 pounds) and known to prey even on sharks.

A drone took clips of this fierce creature in Baia Coast, Papua New Guinea taking home some pork. There’s a leash on the pig, indicating that it could be a pet.

26. Sunbathing

Bild: Stockr /

This clip shows an individual enjoying his sunbath in a pretty dangerous position. Although the person is cladding his clothes, it’s surprising that someone can climb on top of a sun turbine.

He didn’t want any disturbance and wanted to be near the sun. Imagine having guts like him!

27. Niagara Falls

Bild: TDKvisuals /

Tucked on Niagara River, Niagara Falls are a merger of three waterfalls that limit the U.S. and Canada. A drone captured the beautiful spectacle created by nature at the falls’ peak.

People from earth’s four corners travel here each year to catch a glimpse of the incredible 187-foot free-falling water. In 2019, these falls were partially frozen.