26 Wedding photos that will make you laugh

Bild: Iuliia Khabibullina / Shutterstock.com

It is a lot of work to plan a wedding and many couples want to make everything perfectly. That is why a good photographer is an important part of the wedding. But even professional photographers are not perfect as you will see in the following pictures. Let’s take a look on some funny moments of weddings.

1. Fall in love

Some words like ‘fall in love’ might get a new meaning after making this photograph. We hope that this woman will fall in love with a strong man that will be able to hold her on a wedding the next time. At least the other persons were smiling at the photo.

2. The ‘beautiful’ landscape of a stomach

It’s a really beautiful photograph, but for some reason the photographer decided to destroy this beauty. You can see a huge mountain that is in fact a stomach of a drunk man. And his pants are not better as well. It is hard to say whether the pants or the stomach destroyed the photo.

3. The kiss that caused sickness

Some people seem not to be amused of the wedding. For some reason the woman in the background started to spew. This photo might lead to a dispute after it revealed the true opinion about their marriage. It was a bad moment to spew after all. Take a look at the next photo.

4. At least the ring bearer did not spew

It starts with the little smiling girls on the left side. In the middle you can see how the groom kisses the bride. But what about the ring bearer on the right side? He unfortunately destroyed the romantic moment, but at least he did not spew like the prior woman.

5. The wrong place to take a picture

Bild: kovop58 / Shutterstock.com

Some guests appear to the wedding even though they were not invited like the bull. We hope that the groom and the bride did not spend their first night in a hospital after the wedding. The facial expression of the groom show his anxiety, but we hope that he will not look this way during his marriage.

6. The wrong place to pick his nose

It is not a good place to pick your nose during the wedding, is it? The little girl does not care about the opinion of other people. At least the little girl was not the ring bearer at this day. Some photographers seem to like curious moments like that one.

7. Another marriage that deserves to be mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records?

Bild: Imago / Cavan Images

It is kind of hard to find the right explanation for this photo, but we will try. Maybe the woman in the red dress tries to find out if she is still a virgin? Or these two girls confess their love to each other before it’s too late? Take a look at the next photo.

8. Why so serious? What about humor?

This couple decided to make some funny photos. We hope this funny moments will be part of their marriage. But could it be that this photo shows the role of the groom and the bride? Maybe the groom will stop laughing one day. Maybe his wife will be at least a good chief.

9. The perfect plan

The planners of this wedding did not forget anything. They even did not forget about the big ladder in order to bring down the veil from a tree. So keep in mind that you might need a big ladder for your own wedding day as well. There is a master plan for anything.

10. Tasty bouquets

The dog has a weakness for bouquets for his eyes seem to be very greedy. There is only one thing that does not fit, namely the fact that it is a wedding photo. Nevertheless, the greedy eyes of the dog are funny, but the focus should be actually on the couple.

11. They just wanted to say goodbye

Bild: RMC42 / Shutterstock.com

Alright, we have seen people that did not look amused at the wedding day and even people who spewed on the photo. But which things can be worse than this? Yes, a dog that just wanted to say goodbye by peeing on the classy wedding dress. We do not want to imagine the smell on the wedding dress.

12. Wet wedding

We hope that it was not the groom but at least the weather was nice. So it was not a bad day to take a cooling in the water. At least he did not lose the rings in the water, otherwise the people would not have smiled this way on the photo.

13. Don’t let relatives plan your wedding day

This will be the result if you let your relative plan the wedding day. The bride seems to be angry while the groom is able to laugh about the strange dancers. Maybe the relative wanted to take revenge for a certain thing in the past. We will repeat it: do not let your relatives plan your wedding day.

14. People that love do destroy photos

Some people like to interrupt other people like the half naked man on this picture. But he seems to be in a good shape in contrary to the man of the prior pictures with the bulging stomach. And his pants are also more stylish in opposite to the other picture.

15. Where’s Wally?

We already saw naked men with ugly pants and bulging stomachs that destroyed a photo. But this photo was disturbed by Wally, and we all love the book ‘Where’s Wally?’. This time the photo still looks great. But his hiding place was not pretty good as we know it from his books.

16. Did you think royal weddings are perfect?

Bild: Imago / Future Image International

This photo might ease you and take away all the pressure of a wedding. What can we say? Children do not care about the occasion, and they do not hide their emotions as you can perfectly see on the picture. What a luck that she was not picking her nose on a royal wedding. But she wouldn’t care anyway about our opinion.

17. The butt of cat

A beautiful couple and a breathtaking landscape make the picture perfect. But wait, is this really a bit waving cat on this picture? Yes, it is! What an impolite action but animals do not care about the opinion of others. Cats are really stubborn creatures as this photo proves us.

18. It’d a great photo beyond the peak time

This photo was maybe inspired by the Beatles album ‘Abbey Road’. The couple had a great idea, but they just chose the wrong time to make a picture. It turns out to be tough to make a photo during the peak time for walkies. At least the couple keeps smiling despite all the people in the background.

19. She should look like a princess, but…

Bild: Ironika / Shutterstock.com

There are wonderful ideas, but the realization of the ideas is quite hard. This woman felt like Cinderella but in fact she looked like a centaur. Some photographers really need to improve their skills to prevent such photos. We hope the photo did not frighten the groom.

20. Who’s guilty?

Who’s guilty of such a photo? The photographer who could not resist to take this photo or the women on that picture? We do not want to know why these women did this strange grasp, but we hope the photographer was able to catch some other good scenes. Take a look at the next point.

21. Social conventions are not welcomed at this weeding

The couple decided to party like a rock star in order to break with social conventions. At least the groom wanted to be a rock star for the bride seems not to be amazed by the idea. We hope that the groom does not to lead a marriage like a rock star for this could lead to an early end for their marriage.

22. Nearly perfect…

It was only one person that ruined the photo. It looks like the man kicks the woman. Maybe he wanted to demonstrate that he does not like the bridesmaid? But the groom and the bride look perfect. So they can just cut off the left part of the photo with a good program.

23. We hope it was not hot coffee

Did he want to take revenge for something? Or is this just the stupidity of some people? No matter what reason was responsible for this photo, we just hope that it was cold beer instead of hot coffee. These are moments that show us the coming end of a friendship no matter if it was beer or coffee.

24. Where are her eyes?

She might not be responsible for the posture of the man outside the window, but she is responsible for her viewing direction. And we hope she did not look at the man, otherwise this marriage will not have a happy end. Why the photographer did not wait until this little detaildisappeared from the picture?

25. Real Magic or just bad ability to use Photoshop?

It looks actually great, and we like the idea of a flying couple. But what about her missing legs? This photo looks even a little spooky instead of romantic. Either the photographer needs to improve his skills with photoshop or he needs to start with Halloween pictures.

26. Let’s marry like Marilyn Monroe

This picture shows too much of the bride and the groom would not smile if he knew that the photographer took this picture. It’s indeed a sexy photograph that reminds us of the famous ventilation gratephoto of Marilyn Monroe. Some photographers just can’t resist to make a certain photo!