The 30 most attractive ladies of the weather forecast

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Predicting the weather is really a difficult business where many things have to be considered. But what is not so difficult after all these calculations is the presentation of the upcoming weather by an attractive girl or a beautiful woman.

Thanks to social media and the Internet, the weather girls have become incredibly popular in recent years and now all have different sized fan communities. Do you have a favorite weather girl? We are curious if you already know all the beauties we present!

1. Megan Glaros

Pretty, light blonde Megan Glaros has worked as an entertaining reporter and weather editor in Chicago and New York. She graduated from Texas Christian University and then moved to Indiana University to study journalism and atmospheric research. She is not only attractive but also intelligent, a combination that is extremely appealing to viewers and makes Megan one of the most popular presenters.

2. Go Megan

In addition to her TV career, Megan was also the NFL cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts. This was even before she was offered her first TV job. In her Instagram report, she talks about her professional and personal life as a “weather mommy”, and her followers love her pictures, and she gets an infinite number of likes.

3. Bri Winkler

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Bri Winkler has already suffered a heavy blow of fate at her young age. She is not only a great meteorologist, but also suffered a stroke at the age of only 24. Unfortunately, the symptoms that indicated that this would happen were not recognized by her or those around her early on. She became a person who wants to educate others about the early warning signs of stroke to help prevent the worst.

4. The Master

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Eyewitness News made Bri the youngest metereologist after she finally got over her serious health problems. She was even able to return to school to complete her master’s degree in environmental management and environmental sciences. The health of others is close to her heart and she has also become an advocate for other charities that are concerned with stroke and heart health.

5. Sheena Parveen

The meteorologist who saw the light of day in India is living her own American dream. Sheena Parveen came to America to fulfill her dream and study climate science at Florida State University. She first worked as a meteorologist in Tallahassee, but then moved to a television station in Philadelphia.

6. Puppy Love

The enthusiastic animal lover accommodates meanwhile already two dogs which she saved from the animal home. One comes from Africa and one from Georgia. It uses itself in its spare time for the receipt of Tierheimen and is inspired Wassersportlerin, uses regularly the paddle board. After her professional assignment in Philadelphia she stopped over in Washington, D.C. and then found a new job as a meteorologist in San Diego.

7. Araksya Karapetyan

The very attractive Armenian has brought a small trauma of her homeland to America. At the age of 6, in 1988, she experienced a devastating earthquake in her hometown of Gyumri. Every time the earth trembles in Southern California, she immediately feels transported back to Armenia on that terrible day.

8. Success Story

The American dream came true for her too when she emigrated to the USA with her whole family in 1990. She studied international relations and broadcast journalism at the University of Syracuse. She then took jobs all over the country, Idaho, Portland and Oregon, working as a moderator and reporter. She gained most media attention by working as a weather reporter for the channel KTTV Fox 11 on their program “Good Day LA”.

9. Chita Craft

This attractive young lady named Chita Craft was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi Stat University. Meanwhile, Chita is successfully working as a morning meteorologist for the KHOU 11 radio station in Houston. She is considered particularly popular by viewers, not surprising given her appearance and good mood.

10. ” The Price is Right”

Does the pretty blonde perhaps look familiar to you? Then you might already know her from the TV game show ” The Price is Right”. In this show Chita was very popular and successful, was chosen as a candidate and even won the famous showcase showdown round of the show.

11. Roxana Vancea

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The career of Roxana Vancea is a little more unusual than that of any other weather girl. During a weather forecast, Roxana simply started making jumping jacks. The Romanian weather girl quickly became famous thanks to the video that was created and distributed on the Internet. She used this popularity to generate many followers on Instagram, now there are over 350,000! She posts articles about her modeling career and her obsession: fitness.

12. Fitness, fitness, fitness

In the meantime, Roxana Vancea has focused more on the topic of fitness, which is very close to her heart. You can quickly see that by taking a closer look at her Instagram Feed. Numerous before-and-after pictures are meant to motivate her followers to do the same and to do something for her health. She calls herself a model and fitness ambassador.

13. Indra Petersons

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The name already gives some idea of the approximate origin, the pretty Indra Petersons is of Latvian descent. The American studied atmospheric physics at the University of Arizona and received her Bachelor’s degree. The intelligent meteorologist also studied physics, mathematics and economics and holds a certificate from the American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. We can’t think of anything more than “Wow”.

14. Around the world with Indra

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The successful Indra has already had jobs with well-known TV stations, for example, she worked for KABC-TV in Los Angeles and for “New Day”, the morning program of CNN. She was even allowed to participate in the news program on CNN. Now she works successfully as a metereologist for NBC News, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

15. Cristina Blackwell

The daughter of an English-speaking father who is from Alabama and a mother from New Mexico who speaks Spanish, Cristina Blackwell was born in San Antonio. Of course the bilingualism was a big advantage when she applied for a job at “Despierta” in San Antonio. She, her looks and her talent for languages quickly convinced Univision and she got the job. After gaining her first experiences there, she changed Great Day SA from KENS-TV and now delights the TV viewers there.

16. She can cook


Who would have guessed in which industry the beauty was active before her TV career? Pretty Cris is a trained cook and still cooks every day with a lot of heart and passion. She learned to cook in Europe, more precisely in France, right after her high school graduation. We would also like to be cooked by this great weather girl…

17. Sian Welby

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The quick-witted Sian Welby comes from Upton, England. After she appeared in an advertisement in the magazine “New”, she caught the attention of the owner of the TV station Channel 5, who was so interested in the girl that he offered her a TV hosting gig. What a chance for Sian and as you can see, she took it with both hands.

18. Siân Lloyd

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Sian became really famous in the social media when she suddenly started to independently spice up the weather forecast she presented. But what did she do? In 2015, she began adding puns and movie references to weather information, which hit the audience like a bomb. Her videos were watched over 30 million times, and she became known on MTV, the New York Times and Time Magazine.

19. Susana Almeida

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If the attractive Susana Almeida did not have an insecure or, let’s call a spade a spade when it comes to choosing her clothes, the world today might not know who she is. Because it was the “wardrobe malfunction” that made her famous. In 2016, she wore very figure-hugging pants that betrayed a little more than they were supposed to. The young weather girl took it with humor and was happy about her newfound fame.

20. More than 240.000 Follower

The beautiful Susy has used her viral fame, otherwise one can’t really say. She now has an account with more than 240.000 followers and that is really a house number she can be proud of. She regularly provides her fans with breathtaking photos and video clips to entertain them. Thanks to the many bikini pictures she succeeds excellently!

21. Yanet Garcia

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When we looked at Yanet’s Instagram account, we first thought we were wrong. But this woman has more than 13 million followers! Who would ever have dared to think that a weather forecaster could do something like that? She was a model before she started announcing the weather for Televisa Monterrey. Hats off to so much success dear Yanet.

22. I am Yanet Garcia

No wonder she has become known as the “hottest weather woman ever”. If you look at the photos in her Instagram account, this reputation can be explained pretty quickly. Of course, she has also become a successful influencer. She posts pictures of herself and her boyfriend, fitness videos and landscape pictures, always varied and interesting.

23. Jackie Johnson

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Jackie Johnson is the name of this pretty meteorologist. Not only in real life she explains to the viewers that a rain front is approaching the city, but also in TV productions and movies. She studied at the University of South Alabama and graduated in broadcast journalism at Middle Tennessee State University. Someone has been sitting at the school desk for a long time and successfully!

24. Actress

The attractive weather girl attracted the attention of film and series producers. For this reason she has already been seen in NCIS or in movies like “All about Steve” or “Battleship”. In 2018 she unfortunately turned her back on her position at KCBS-TV Los Angeles and her work as a weather girl.

25. Jennifer Delgado

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Black hair, bright white teeth. This snow-white named Jennifer Delgado earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Webster University St. Louis. She continued her education at Mississippi State University and earned her certificate in broadcast metereology. She is extremely popular with viewers and ensures stable ratings, so who is surprised by her looks.

26. Al Roker


In the meantime she has joined Al Roker and moderates “Wake up with Al” with him. At the beginning of her career, the meteorologist announced the weather on CNN and was quickly recognized as talented. She has a particularly charming way of announcing the weather, which gives her a large fan base. Also, her outfits often get positive mention during the show.

27. Lauren Sanchez

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Lauren Sanchez is another beautiful weather girl on our long list. She started her career as a simple assistant at KCOP-TV Los Angeles and worked her way up to become a reporter and then a presenter. Now she successfully presents the weather for Good Day LA. She was born in New Mexico and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science at the University of Southern California

28. Emmy Award

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There is some information about Lauren Wendy Sanchez that they might not have been aware of before. She is not “only” an american newscaster, but she was also awarded with an Emmy Award for her work. A real honor for the actress, entrepreneur, pilot and producer. Besides the weather, she also contributed regularly to the famous show “Larry King Live”. Her face is an integral part of American TV.

29. Carolina Ramirez

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We find Carolina Ramirez particularly charming. This becomes clear when you look at her in the photo above. She was born in Colombia and has often participated in various beauty contests in her home country. The weather forecaster was finally discovered for Despierta America and hired right away. She is the clear favorite of the spectators and has numerous fans.

30. Morning Forecast with Caro

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You have to earn a following on Instagram of 61,000 followers first, what do you think? Her fame began after she was hired by Univision as a weather reporter, and while she was at work, she started presenting very trendy outfits and was infectious with cheerfulness. She always has a big smile on her face and listening to her just makes you feel good. With the beautiful Caro we are now also concluding our list and are eagerly waiting for the next attractive weather girls to come in the future.