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Inseparable Pit Bull and Chihuahua Besties Refuse to Be Adopted Without Each Other

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

You know how the saying goes: opposites really do attract. In this case, it couldn’t be more true, as the most opposite of dog breeds, a pit bull and a chihuahua, became the best of friends with a bond no man can separate. Although they were seeking a forever home, there was no way either pup was going to be adopted without the other coming with them.

We know that dogs are “man’s best friend” but did you know they can also be loyal friends to each other? This incredible story demonstrates the ability dogs have to bond with one another and their determination to stay together at all costs. Get your tissues ready!

1. Meet Merrill

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

Meet sweet Merrill, a three-year-old Pit Bull with a heart of gold. Merrill was dropped off at an animal shelter in California by her ex-owner, scared and sick with an infection in her uterus. Upon examining her, the veterinarian could see that Merrill had been used for breeding in an unethical circumstance, without proper hygiene or medical care. Her uterine infection had gotten so bad, it was now life threatening.

In such a vulnerable state, a little furry friend showed kindness to her at the shelter. The two quickly formed a bond that would help Merrill get through this scary and difficult time.

2. Taco the Friendly Chihuahua

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

Also at the animal shelter was a friendly, brown Chihuahua named Taco. Taco was eight years old, which made him harder to be adopted out because of his older age. The shelter had no luck so far in finding a forever home for this little pup.

But everything changed for Taco when Merrill arrived at the shelter. The two became instant pals and bonded in a way that no one could anticipate. Sensing that Merrill was scared of being alone in a new place as well as sick with an infection, Taco stayed close to her side and comforted his new friend.

3. An Unusually Close Bond

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

The volunteers at the shelter quickly noticed the undeniable bond between Merrill and Taco. When the dogs had to be separated for veterinary appointments or a bath, they would immediately start crying for the other dog. All they wanted was to be together. The volunteers had never witnessed a bond so strong between two pups.

The thought of the dogs being adopted out separately broke the hearts of the volunteers. They desperately wanted to find these dogs a forever home together. But they had much bigger reasons to worry as Merrill’s health began to rapidly decline.

Only emergency surgery could save Merrill’s life.

4. Merrill’s Fight for her Life

Bild: nimon /

Merrill’s health was declining fast. After being seen by a veterinarian, it was determined that Merrill would need emergency surgery to survive.

A bacterial infection in a dog’s uterus, known as Pyometra, is a life threatening condition that needs immediate medical intervention. When left untreated, kidney failure can develop, which can quickly lead to death of the canine. The most common intervention is to surgically remove the infected uterus.

Because Merrill’s infection was more advanced, the surgery would be more complicated. All the volunteers could do was hope and pray that Merrill could pull through the risky surgery.

5. Waiting During Surgery

Bild: Elena Lar /

The volunteers weren’t the only ones worried about Merrill. Taco was beside himself with anxiety as he waited for his friend to get out of surgery.

The volunteers described Taco as anxious and restless the entire time Merrill was undergoing her operation. He couldn’t sit still and could barely sleep that night. Taco could sense something was seriously wrong with his canine buddy and didn’t like being separated for so long.

It was a long night for everyone at the animal shelter as they awaited news from the doctors regarding Merrill’s health. Finally, the complicated surgery was over and they got a long awaited update on Merrill’s health.

6. Recovering Together

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

Merrill successfully underwent the surgery and the volunteers were relieved to hear that everything went smoothly. But nothing could prepare them for what happened next.

As Merrill began to wake up in the recovery room, she began crying for Taco and looking for him. Hearing her cries, Taco began to get anxious and crying to be with Merrill. The surgical team initially recommended for Merrill to heal from her surgery alone, but after hearing their cries, everyone agreed the two pups should be together.

It was a beautiful reunion as Taco entered the recovery room and snuggled up next to Merrill. He was the perfect canine nurse during Merrill’s recovery.

7. Prospective Adopters

Bild: Roman Samokhin /

After Merrill recovered from her surgery, prospective adopters became interested in adopting the young Pit Bull. Merrill was sweet, obedient, and only three years old, making her the ideal dog for Pit Bull lovers to adopt. Now that she was in good health, the animal shelter started getting requests from people to take her home.

Taco, on the other hand? The eight year old Chihuahua with a long list of health problems was not getting any attention from prospective adopters. As much as the shelter wanted Merrill and Taco to be together, they realized it could be unrealistic. They began taking steps forward for Merrill to find a forever home on her own.

What happened next shocked the animal shelter volunteers.

8. An Attempt at Merrill’s Adoption

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

One man became very serious about adopting Merrill. It was love at first sight for this man, and he was ready to sign the paperwork right away to take Merrill home. She was everything he was looking for in a furry best friend. What he didn’t see was the little brown Chihuahua nuzzled against Merrill’s side.

After signing the paperwork, he came back to collect Merrill. The volunteer opened the gate for Merrill to come out, but the two pups started howling frantically. It was a sight that no animal shelter volunteer had ever seen before!

What would the man do?

9. Staying Together

Facebook/Merrill & Taco

Attempting to separate Merrill and Taco resulted in chaos. The dogs were howling and crying, and making every attempt to run towards each other. The volunteers at the shelter had never experienced two dogs so bonded like this before.

Luckily, the man had a conscience and couldn’t bear to separate the best friends from each other. But he wasn’t prepared to adopt two dogs that day. He decided on a different pup at the shelter.

As much as the volunteers were relieved that Merrill and Taco would stay together, they began to worry that it would take several months to find an owner willing to adopt the two friends together. It was back to the drawing board.

10. Rocket Dog to the Rescue

Facebook/Rocket Dog Rescue

The animal shelter’s story of Merrill and Taco caught the attention of a nearby animal rescue organization called Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California. Rocket Dog Rescue’s mission is to save dogs facing euthanasia at overcrowded animal shelters and find loving homes for them. So far, they’ve been able to save and find homes for over 10,000 pets.

Rocket Dog Rescue has a big social media following, and decided to post a photo of Merrill and Taco to see if they could help the shelter find a forever home for the two besties. But they couldn’t anticipate what would happen next.

11. Over 26,000 Shares on Social Media

Facebook/Rocket Dog Rescue

This is the photo that Rocket Dog Rescue posted on social media to see if they could find these canine besties a home together. The caption of the photo read, “These two love each other more than any bonded pair the shelter has ever seen. They cry when leave each other’s side. This dynamic duo has lost their family, their home, and now we can’t let them lose each other!”

The response they got was overwhelming! The photo got over 13,000 likes, 1,300 comments and 26,000 shares on social media. But would any of these people who commented actually fill out an application?

12. Waiting at Rocket Dog Rescue

Facebook/Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue posted an update on their Facebook page that they officially brought Merrill and Taco over to their facility to have a better chance at becoming adopted. They enthusiastically shared on their Facebook page, “We just could not stand the thought of them being separated or waiting at the shelter for months to find a home TOGETHER so they are coming to Rocket Dog Rescue!!!

After so much attention on social media, Rocket Dog Rescue already had a few prospective adopters in just a few days time. They were now one step closer to finding their forever home!

13. Sharing the Good News

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

About a month later, Rocket Dog Rescue shared the exciting news that a family decided to adopt Merrill and Taco together. They wrote on Facebook, “Remember our bonded pair Merrill & Taco? GREAT NEWS! They went on a two week trial adoption with the most wonderful family. They just let us know they would like to sign papers & make it official! They have found their FOREVER HOME TOGETHER

Tens of thousands of people across the Internet celebrated the good news that Merrill and Taco found their forever home. The post got over 45,000 likes and 24,000 shares.

But the pups’ happily ever would get off to a rocky start as Taco faced some scary health challenges.

14. Taco’s Health Challenges

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

The family knew before adopting Taco that he had some health challenges due to his age and from his previous owner neglecting his health and wellbeing. Some of his health problems could have been prevented years ago with medical intervention, but he unfortunately was not brought to the veterinarian regularly for health checkups. As a result, Taco has lost almost all of his teeth due to dental disease.

A more serious problem that developed was asthma, and Taco would often have difficulties breathing. One of the first things the family did was bring Taco to the veterinarian for a checkup, and they weren’t prepared for the bad news they got from the vet.

15. Bad News from the Vet

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Nothing could have prepared the family for the news they got from the vet regarding Taco’s health. The family was in absolute shock to discover from the veterinarian that Taco was going into heart failure. The vet told the family that although there are treatment options, they still need to prepare for the worst. It was about a 50/50 shot if the treatment would work.

Despite their shock over this poor prognosis, the family pulled together to hope and pray that Taco would recover and live a long, happy life. The road wouldn’t be easy, but with enough love, Taco might have a chance.

16. Surrounded by Love

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Taco was placed on seizure medication as well as steroids to decrease the fluid buildup around his heart and lungs. In addition to the medicine, Taco would need plenty of love and attention from his new family, and of course his best friend Merrill.

Now it was Merrill’s turn to care for Taco, just like Taco had done for Merrill after her surgery. Merrill knew Taco needed her, and they spent everyday snuggling up under blankets during Taco’s recovery. With all the love and attention both from Merrill and his new human family, Taco’s health began to stabilize and rapidly improve.

17. Taco’s Health Restored

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Due to the miraculous power of love combined with medical treatment, Taco made a full recovery and no longer has any heart condition. Because of his asthma, he remains on daily medication which allows him to run and play like every dog should. He can’t quite keep up with strong, active Merrill, but is always down to cuddle in the house when outside time is over.

The good news about Taco’s health came just a week before Christmas, and was the best Christmas present the family could ask for. After this health scare, the family is more happy than ever that they still get some more years left with Taco.

18. Enjoying Their Happily Ever After

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

The pups couldn’t be happier now that they are settled into their forever home with a loving family and with each other. Their days of being in neglectful, abusive homes and in animal shelters are over. It’s been a rough journey, and they can enjoy every bit of the love and affection from their new family that they deserve. Merrill and Taco also never have to worry about separating again – they can simply enjoy their happily ever after.

Here, Merrill and Taco are pictured snuggled together in front of a warm fire after a fun day of playing outside. What else could a pup dream of?

19. Being Pampered

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Ah, this is the life. Merrill’s owners shared on social media that Merrill is a real girly-girl. Looks like that statement is true, as we can see from this photo of Merrill getting a “pawdicure” with Fire Hydrant Red doggie nail “pawlish”, fit for a queen. She looks like she’s in a state of total relaxation and loving every minute of getting pampered.

Taco, on the other hand? He looks like he’s saying, “No way that nail polish is getting anywhere near me!” Either that, or he’s secretly jealous and actually wants his nails painted too. I guess we’ll never know!

20. Trip to the Mountains

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

This is Merrill in her ultimate happy place, with fresh air and wide open spaces to run wild and explore nature. Her owner decided to take a special day trip to the mountains with just Merrill. Taco stayed home with the family since he isn’t nearly as active as Merrill, a young Pit Bull with plenty of energy and strength.

The expression on her face says it all. She is perfectly content out in the sun and in nature, looking to be in her element. She also looks thankful to have a family that frequently takes her outdoors where she can be her active self. Truly heartwarming.

21. Gimme That Bone

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Merrill and Taco’s owner shared this hilarious moment on Facebook. Apparently, Merrill was given this bone and happily gnawing on it all morning. The whole time, Taco was eyeing Merrill and her new bone. The moment Merrill took a break and went in a different room, Taco swooped in and snatched Merrill’s bone! The only problem? Taco doesn’t have any teeth!

Not having any teeth is not going to stop this pup from having a turn with that bone. He better find a good place to hide before Merrill sees him though.

It doesn’t get any cuter than a toothless Chihuahua with a bone that’s almost as big as he is!

22. Making New Friends

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

The pups are enjoying some sunshine and fresh air with some new doggie friends. This photo was posted on Merrill and Taco’s one year anniversary of being adopted by their human family. They shared their excitement for having these two sweet dogs in their lives.

Merrill looks like she’s being super social and palling around with these large, active pups. Taco, on the other hand? He’s not exactly being social, taking a snooze in the doggie carrier. He is enjoying being cuddled up to his owner, and being carried around like royalty. At least both pups are thoroughly enjoying themselves!

23. End of the Rainbow for Taco

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

Three years after adopting sweet Taco, he sadly passed away at 11 years old. The family shared on Facebook, “Yesterday was a very sad day for us. Taco has passed away. He was a huge presence packed into a small package. When we adopted him we thought we would get a year. We got three. We feel so lucky to have had him join our family.”

Another tribute from the family was written on Instagram, “We will all miss Taco dearly but he will live on in our hearts and through Merrill.”

An outpouring of comments sharing heartfelt condolences appeared on both social media platforms. Although people are sad, everyone agrees that Taco got to experience the happiest last three years of his life that he could ever imagine.

24. A Happy Life Continues for Merrill

Facebook/ Merrill & Taco

As you can imagine, it took time for Merrill to heal from Taco’s passing. But she is a strong pup and surrounded by a loving family. She also has other doggie friends to play with and keep her company. But absolutely no one will ever replace Taco and the special bond that these two pups had. That kind of friendship is once in a lifetime.

About a year later, the family was ready to adopt another dog. They had a few weeks trial with a young, active mixed breed named Chico. But would he hit it off with Merrill?

25. A New Buddy For Merrill


Merrill and Chico instantly hit it off. The family shared the news on their Instagram account, “We recently got a new dog, his name is Chico. We know that he would never replace Taco but Merrill needed a new friend to keep her company. Right when they met they clicked. We knew it was meant to be so we adopted him. He is about one right now and he acts like a little, more energetic Merrill. He has the biggest and softest ears in the world.”

Although Merrill will always miss Taco and treasure the time she had with him, she will continue on living a happy, healthy life with her loving family and new buddy, Chico.

If you loved this story, pay it forward and adopt an animal in need of a home.