Couple Walks The Red Carpet After Weight Loss Transformation That Will Leave You Speechless

Bild: Yuriy Maksymiv / Shutterstock.com

Unhealthy habits are hard to quit. Addictive habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and overeating can be especially difficult to kick to the curb. Every year, people all over the world make “New Year’s Resolutions” that send millions to the gym, only to have gyms slowly empty out a few months later due to lack of commitment. That’s why role models can have such a profound impact on us, to motivate and inspire our own personal journeys.

Which leads us to introduce two inspiring role models, Lexi and Danny Reed. Under Lexi’s username “FatGirlFedUp” on Instagram, over a million people have followed their weight loss journey over the course of two years. The couple’s transformation is sure to both inspire and amaze you.