Check Out the 12 Funniest Camping Pics of All Time!

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Going camping is always fun, but it can also be quite unpredictable. It doesn’t really matter how well you plan everything and prepare yourself, there are things that are simply not under our control.

Sometimes you forget something and you have to be resourceful. After all, the environment and the weather also play significant roles in your camping experience.

But, in spite of any surprises, it’s funny how people are able to come up with the craziest ideas to overcome any difficulty. Some things are simply inevitable, but that’s what makes camping so much fun. Take a look at these funny hacks and camping fails! We’re sure they’ll make you laugh!

1. Swallowed by the Sea

Seeing vehicles getting sucked in by the sea is nothing new, but we hadn’t seen a mobile home in this situation! It makes you wonder how difficult it is to drive a vehicle in the sand, where the conditions can change in a matter of minutes.

Just imagine you are inside that camper van, pleasantly taking a nap. Suddenly, you feel as if the bed were rocking you into a deeper sleep. Except it’s not the bed, it’s the movement of the waves as you are being suck into the sea!

Fortunately in this situation, the tide wasn’t too high and the RV could be recovered, making this a funny story, instead of a tragic one!

2. Time for a Nap

Anyone who has gone camping in humid weather knows that sleeping can be tricky. There are usually mosquitoes, the ground is moist and it’s just a sticky situation.

Experienced campers know that bringing a mesh cot can be very helpful. That way, your body is not in direct contact with the ground, and the air may circulate all around you. However, if you don’t have one, you have to be resourceful.

The guy in the picture made himself an improvised cot using two chairs and a cooler, but we admit it doesn’t look too comfortable. But they, if he gets thirsty, he can quickly get a beer!

3. Anyone wants to play?

Bringing board games and cards to a camping site is an excellent idea. Adults and children alike seem to enjoy spending time playing games outside, especially when you have been camping for a few days. Nevertheless, no one would ever expect to have a bear as his playmate.

How funny does this bear look, sitting on that bench, as if he were waiting for someone to play with? In all honesty, it’s not that strange to find bears at campsites doing this kind of crazy stuff.

Many of them are attracted by the smell of food or simply by the bright lights from the campground. The picture is funny as hell, but it’s also a tiny bit scary!

4. Getting creative

I guess we can’t really call this a camping fail. Rather, it is an example of resourcefulness and creativity. Just looking at it makes you laugh! The people who came up with this idea must be very good at improvising, and they get extra points for inventiveness.

They basically made a grill out of an abandoned toilet, and used the tank as a cooler, so it’s a win-win situation! In spite of it being a genius idea, using the toilet seat as a grill doesn’t seem too sanitary.

Hopefully they cleaned it well before placing the grill plank, otherwise that camping trip will be cut short!

5. A beginner’s mistake

Going camping is not as easy as it looks. It requires preparation, choosing the right campsite, and bringing the necessary equipment, among other things.

Sometimes even purchasing the right tent is a challenge on its own, as there are many types to choose from. However, no matter what tent you do buy, there is something to consider: camping also requires a certain level of skillfulness.

Unluckily for the people in this picture, they don’t seem to be very good with their hands. They couldn’t even manage to put up their tent, so they ended up sleeping in it, as if it were a giant sleeping bag. Hey, at least it looks windproof!

6. A different kind of camping

There are different kinds of camping sites. The most popular places to go camping are the woods, the mountains, and the beach. There, people usually stay for a couple or days to enjoy nature at its best.

In addition, there are also different camping styles, as some people like to camp in a tent, while others prefer a recreational vehicle or a more established campsite. However, camping outside a store falls into a brand new category.

In this case, people camping outside a famous technology store to become the first owners of the latest smartphone on the market makes for a very funny picture.

7. When there is a will, there is a way

Moms always say that where there is a will, there is a way. And that goes for everything in life: if you really put your mind to something, chances are you will achieve it.

And that, dear folks, was the case of this person, who decided he needed to find a way to keep his coffee warm and maybe do some cooking. And, because he didn’t have a portable stove, he had to get his creative juices flowing, which resulted in a self-made stove made out of a mailbox.

Necessity breeds creativity, and we think this guy pretty much nailed it, don’t you agree?

8. No time for a vacation

Camping is an activity that allows you to connect with nature. However, it seems like some people find it harder to unplug from their daily routine. Just take a look at this guy: he brought every single positive item to make sure he could continue working.

Workaholics always seem to find a way to bring work with them, wherever they go. Judging by the equipment, this is a seemingly old picture, so setting everything up in the middle of nowhere must have been a real nightmare.

We wonder what his family thinks of his portable office, though. They surely were not thrilled about it.

9. Comfort is a priority

In this day and age, most campers know that they don’t longer have to sacrifice comfort when they go camping, especially when it comes to sleeping. There are many items that can make your experience more bearable, such as cots, hammocks, high-quality sleeping bags, and our favorite: air mattresses.

Nonetheless, it seems like the guy in this picture considers comfort a top priority. He brought a gigantic air mattress with him, however, he forgot to buy a new tent that would match the size of his new acquisition.

Looking at the bright side, we bet he slept better than anyone else on this trip!

10. You have to be smart!

Working smarter can result in saving precious time and being more effective. Strategic planning requires discipline and practice, although sometimes an idea can present itself without much effort.

We wonder if this boy scout has been asked to feed his teammates often. Maybe he has a lot of experience in the matter and can come up with new ways to do his tasks faster and more effectively.

Using a rake to grill many sausages at once is a genius idea! Because, let’s be honest, all the physical activity that boys scouts have to do makes them very hungry, and it’s hard to be patient when your belly is growling.

11. Hygiene is also important

Taking a shower when you’re out camping is not easy. Some people bring a portable shower caddy, which is basically a bag full of water with a hose that you hang from a tree.

Of course, there are more sophisticated versions in the market. For example, there are kits that can hold a lot more water, and they come with an integrated heater and a pressure pump.

Nonetheless, this couple beat that as they went the extra mile by bringing a bath tub to their camping site. Surely taking a bath in the middle of the woods by candlelight must be very romantic, but still!

12. Floating and dreaming

Finding a comfortable position to sleep while camping can be a challenge. However, there are many alternatives to make things a bit more comfortable, like bringing a good air mattress.

Judging by this picture, this couple knows that a large mattress is the key to a good night sleep. Apparently, they have taken things up a notch by sleeping on a floating mattress. That way, they can sleep under the moonlight, breathe some fresh air, and look at the stars.

Nevertheless, this choice seems pretty risky, especially if they like to roll over in their sleep. One false move, and they’ll make a big splash.