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America’s 31 Greatest Burger Joints

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It can be hard to compete with a hearty All-American hamburger meal. What can be better than noshing on a juicy cheeseburger with fries or onion rings on the side? Not much. Thankfully, the United States is a haven for all kinds of dining establishments that specialize in the homey “delicacy.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the vast nation. There are all sorts of burger joints that may satisfy your cravings in a big way. It can be a terrific idea to check out all of the yummiest burger establishments the country has to offer locals and visitors alike.

1. BurgerFuel

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BurgerFuel is located in the heart of the nation in Indianapolis, Indiana. This place isn’t just associated with mouthwatering hamburgers of all kinds. It’s associated with ones that are grass-fed, believe it or not.

This can be a fun-loving option for people who are keen on conventional and eclectic burger inclusions alike. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress your burger up with beetroot or with timeless cheese and onions. BurgerFuel can satisfy your meaty desires.

2. Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill

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Fans of hand-cut fries won’t be able to resist this Fort Lauderdale, Florida staple. People who want to sink their teeth into grilled Angus patties won’t be able to turn away from Gilbert’s and all of its offerings. Continue reading about the “Nation”. You will be surprised.

3. Nation

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Nation in Cincinnati, Ohio has a “Nation” burger that’s ideal for brisket lovers. It’s all about delectable challah buns as well. People who visit Nation cannot stop talking about its sauce that combines barbecue and whisky. Learn more about Ray’s Hell Burger in the next section. You will be surprised.

4. Ray’s Hell Burger

Ray’s Hell Burger is in Arlington, Virginia and is actually a go-to for President Barack Obama. It can be ideal for fans of straightforward hamburgers. It can be just as ideal for those who are keen on sophisticated additions like mushrooms that are sautéed in sherry. Read more in the next point about “The Stand”.

5. The Stand

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People in Phoenix, Arizona cannot resist The Stand. Phoenix visitors can’t resist it, either. They often discuss The Stand sauce. The hamburgers are associated with raw onions that are cut up into slender pieces. Read more in the next point about Manny’s Restaurant, which is located in Victorville in California.

6. Manny’s Restaurant

Manny’s Restaurant is in Victorville, California and is a terrific spot for people who are keen on basic burgers. It’s just as terrific for those who like less conventional choices such as the famed burger that revolves around peanut butter and jelly. Learn more in the next section about Bros Sandwich Shack.

7. Bros Sandwich Shack

Bros Sandwich Shack is located in picturesque Avon, North Carolina and is ideal for people who are hungry after hanging out at the beach all day long. Fans of the restaurant adore the Cowboy Bro and its elements of peppered bacon, gouda cheese and even Southeast Asian-inspired barbecue sauce. Learn more in the next section.

8. Hate Mondays Tavern

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The owner of Hate Mondays Tavern in Miami, Florida manually shapes his hamburgers. That’s just one of the things that makes this tavern memorable. People gravitate to the joint’s burgers that include fried eggs and pulled pork. They gravitate to its more standard choices as well. Learn more in the next section about Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes.

9. Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes

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Lucky’s Burgers and Shakes is a Phoenix, Arizona powerhouse in the hamburger sector. People who are in the mood for massive charbroiled burgers often cannot say no to it. Diners often take their burgers to the next level using housemade ranch or Thousand Island dressing. Continue reading about “The Bad Apple”.

10. The Bad Apple

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Chicago, Illinois is home to The Bad Apple, a place that’s paradise for hamburger enthusiasts. People aren’t just huge fans of the burgers, either. They can’t stop waxing poetic about the fries that are made using truffle oil. People who want to unwind during Windy City getaways often are drawn to The Bad Apple.

11. David’s Burgers

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David’s Burgers is located in vibrant Little Rock in Arkansas. People flock to this burger joint for an abundance of diverse reasons. It has some of the most pleasant employees around, first of all. Beyond that, it has fries that are freshly cut. Diners can get “refills” of their fries as they please, too. Its burgers are the definition of juicy and enduring as well.

12. Tookie’s

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Tookie’s is a Seabrook, Texas tradition among diners who are simply in the mood to unwind and take it easy for a little while. Its menu consists of burgers that are pretty huge. The onion rings are juicy and sizable. People love the bustling vibe of the action-packed restaurant, too. Parents often take their children to it for laid-back and spirited meals.

13. Al’s Burger Shack

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If you want to sink your teeth into burgers that are enormous and hearty, you can’t go wrong at Al’s Burger Shack in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s not just known for amazing burgers, either. It also has rosemary fries that are crinkle cut. The restaurant’s chili cheeseburger features American cheese, mustard, onions, slaw and, finally, chili sauce.

14. Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom

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Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom is a Lincoln, Nebraska institution of sorts. It’s a place that’s ideal for people who are trying to find hamburgers that are on the adventurous and bold sides. Diners who feel like feasting on patties that are covered in fruit and pecan jam, tart blackberry compote and Gouda cheese often rush to dine at Honest Abe’s. It’s a place that’s associated with thrilling and unforgettable burger “blends.”

15. Burger Republic

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Burger Republic is in Nashville, Tennessee or simply “Music City.” It’s a top-notch spot for burger “purists” who are big fans of burgers that are made entirely out of Angus beef. It’s not just a superb destination for people who want to revel in tasty hamburgers, either. People who are big on milkshakes that are hand-spun frequently gravitate to it. The same thing applies to people who go crazy for craft beers that are made in the United States. “The Tennessee” is a menu standout.

16. Bill’s Bar & Burger

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No list of fine burger joints in America would be complete without a mention of the Big Apple. Bill’s Bar & Burger is a New York, New York gem among folks who can’t get enough of meaty goodness. People head to this place to savor hamburgers, milkshakes and beers galore. Many people are particularly keen on the establishment’s generous bacon burgers.

17. Burger and Barrel Winepub

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Burger and Barrel Winepub is yet another New York City diamond among burger aficionados. It’s a prizewinning burger joint that has enormously tall sandwiches on its side. People who adore brioche buns, pickles, American cheese and bacon and onion sauce often return to Burger and Barrel Winepub time and time again. It’s close to many of New York City’s most chic spots on West Houston Street.

18. DuMont Burger

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DuMont Burger is in Brooklyn, New York but has a vibe that’s almost reminiscent of the American Midwest. That’s due to its undeniable All-American flair. The burger was inspired by the existence of DuMont Restaurant. Customers cherished it so much that it compelled people to begin a joint that was devoted solely to it. The rest is pure burger history.

19. Butch Cassidy’s Cafe

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Butch Cassidy’s Cafe is in Mobile, Alabama and has a wonderful Southern charm that’s hard to deny. The restaurant has a famous burger that’s made up of a massive grilled patty. The team members who work for Butch Cassidy’s Cafe are in no way, shape or form greedy about the sauces and the condiments that make up the burger delights. Happy hour here is all about inexpensive beers as well.

20. Sunshine General Store

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Sunshine General Store in Brookeville, Maryland doesn’t sound like a place for burgers, but it is. It’s actually behind a minimart of sorts. Although the establishment is the polar opposite of glamorous and sophisticated, its tasty burgers more than make up for it. The dense petties work harmoniously alongside rather soft yet appealing sesame seed buns.

21. White Manna Hamburgers

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White Manna Hamburgers is in Hackensack, New Jersey. It’s been around since all the way back in 1939. It’s known for burgers that are rather compact. People typically get a minimum of three of them. People often wax poetic about the potato buns that are accessible through White Manna Hamburgers. They adore its little bits of fried onions, too.

22. Wood House Restaurant

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Wood House Restaurant is an unassuming hamburger power player located in Bismarck, North Dakota, believe it or not. It’s been around since the end of the seventies. Things have remained pretty consistent for it since then as well. It has a reputation for white buns that are nice and smooth.

23. Sid’s Diner

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Sid’s Diner is in El Reno, Oklahoma and has been dazzling burger devotees for quite some time now. Its onion burgers are chock-full of onions that are shaved. The onions are caramelized and because of that boast lightly sweet yet addictive flavors, too. People who appreciate diner settings cannot go wrong here.

24. Crazy Burger

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Crazy Burger is a Rhode Island burger joint that has been making diners full and content since back in 1954. It in the past revolved around carhops, but that isn’t the case anymore. People go nuts for the chili cheeseburger here. They go nuts for the housemade chili as well.

25. Hermitage Cafe

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Hermitage Cafe is yet another Nashville, Tennessee spot for the burger lovers of the world. It’s ideal for fans of inexpensive sandwiches. People can’t get enough of the cafe’s fries and coleslaw, either. Continue reading about “The Shopping Bag” which serves fantastic burgers in New England. It is not a normal restaurant.

26. The Shopping Bag

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People who want to enjoy fantastic burgers in New England frequently go to The Shopping Bag in Burlington, Vermont. It’s a supermarket grocery store that also happens to be equipped with a nice grill. The burgers are so big that they actually weigh half a pound. Continue reading about the “Eastside Big Tom”.

27. Eastside Big Tom

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Eastside Big Tom is in Olympia, Washington and because of that is optimal for Pacific Northwest burger fans. It’s s superb destination for families that have young children. The burgers are classic and slender with a fun sauce they refer to as being “goop.” Kids can hang out with fake “dinosaurs” on display, too.

28. Burger Boy

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Burger Boy in Cedar Crest, New Mexico wows people time and time again with a sandwich that’s all about chiles. This place has been in operations since back in the beginning of the eighties. The hamburgers are big, meaty and 100 percent fresh. Continue reading about the restaurant “Royal Burger”.

29. Royal Burger

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Royal Burger is all the way in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s a dining establishment that has a basic vibe. It’s in no sense fancy or elaborate in feel. It has timeless hamburgers that are ideal for people in and near Honolulu who are in the mood to sit down and eat. It’s been a staple in the metropolis since its launching back in 1940. People like the Royal Burger and its irresistible “Love’s Bakery” bun.

30. Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers

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Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers is located in vibrant San Francisco, California. It’s super for people who like to relish burgers that are the opposite of deluxe or fancy. There’s nothing complex about them. The famed “Pearl Deluxe” keeps diners coming back for more and more. People adore the restaurant’s sesame buns, too.

31. The Burger Dive

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The Burger Dive is in Billings in Montana. It has a vibe that’s unassuming and modest as can be. It’s reminiscent of drive-ins of the past. Despite that, it boasts an imaginative and contemporary selection of food items. The Angus burgers are all about mouthwatering components such as goat cheese, bacon, arugula and even roasted red pepper mayonnaise. This is a burger joint that caters to people who like to take delicious culinary risks.