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Almost everything is great about these 37 movies

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The movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was created by the screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry. The movie was filmed in 2004 and is a true masterpiece.

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey are the main actors. That is another reason why the movie had to turn out great. In the movie they are a couple whose relationship is not going well anymore, but can’t really forget about each other.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

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We are pretty sure that you have heard about this movie before. The Grand Budapest Hotel was nominated for the Academy Awards which means that it has to be a great one.

The director of the movie, Wes Anderson, created a masterpiece around the main character who is a new lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

2. Silence

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The topic of the movie Silence wasn’t a simple task, but the director Martin Scorsese made it into a masterpiece if filmmaking. If you haven’t, yet you should watch it and learn about morality and the meaning of life.

Especially if you like great camerawork and a surprising plot it’s a great movie to watch this weekend.

3. Jaws

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The movie Jaws was created by no other than Steven Spielberg. While filming it they had no idea that people would still be afraid of the ocean 40 years after the movie was released.

They managed to make an iconic movie that many people watched more than once while it was in the theaters.

4. Unforgiven

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Unforgiven was Clint Eastwood’s first Western movies. He did not only direct the movie but also played the main character a former outlaw named Will Munny.

The difference about this Western movie is that it shows the reality of violence and does not celebrate it like other movies in this genre.

5. There Will Be Blood

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The movie There will be blood by director Paul Thomas Anderson tells the story of the people involved in the oil industry. The main characters are both trying to control the industry in order to make high profits.

It shows what people are willing to do for wealth and depicts the ugly side of capitalism in America.

6. You Were Never Really Here

In the movie You were never really here Joaquin Phoenix does a brilliant job playing a hitman who’s hired to protect the daughter of the governor. The storyline is not the most exciting part of the movie.

The character motivation and the execution is true art and Joaquin Phoenix does a great job playing a role with many different characters.

7. The Witch

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The Witch is a movie with an important historical background. While not all of it is based on true events it is still showing an important part of early American history.

Movie director Robert Eggers made everything seem so real after researching about the Puritan Plymouth community for four years in preparation for the movie.

8. Manchester By The Sea

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This film is not for shallow entertainment, but rather hard to digest. The main character Lee Chandler has to return to his hometown after the death of his brother.

In the process, he learns that he now has custody of his nephew. The teenager and his uncle now have to warm up to each other.

9. Mulholland Drive

Many directors have tried to implement surrealism in a film before David Lynch created this movie. With Mulholland Drive, he succeeded brilliantly in implementing his idea.

The transitions between reality and dreams blur in an unbelievable way, which is disturbing at the same time. BBC called it 21st centuries greatest movie.

10. Her

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The topic in the movie Her becomes more important every day. When Spike Jonze created the movie it was a story from the future but now it seems like we are living in his future already.

Giving Joaquin Phoenix the main role is never a bad decision. His role falls in love with an operating system and his heart is shattered.

11. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

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Critics have called The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford completely underrated. At first, it seems like just another Western movie, but after a while you will be surprised with a great plot.

The combination of the main characters, their personalities and the camerawork makes an impressing movie.

12. The Lord Of The Rings – Return of the King

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Either you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings or you are not. Even if the story isn’t for you the filmmakers still did a great job. The trilogy was filmed in an incredible scenery and shows amazing acting skills.

Return of the King is the last part of the trilogy and director Peter Jackson did not disappoint the audience.

13. The Thing

The Thing tells the story of researches in the Antarctica faced by a parasite as big as a human being. It can adapt to the shape of another organism which means that any person in the group could actually be a parasite.

It took a while until the audience became excited about the movie, but in the end they appreciated the complexity of it.

14. Pulp Fiction

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Pulp fiction is a classic Tarantino movie. As always the main characters are played by great Hollywood actors like John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

The stars attract the audience to the theaters, but in the end the film is so well-made that you can watch it several times without getting bored.

15. 2001: A Space Odyssey

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If you’ve seen The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarkes, the story will sound familiar. It is about a spaceship flying to Jupiter because it was discovered that human evolution was disturbed.

Most movies avoid this topic, but on the basis of this movie you like to deal with it. During the movie you really feel like you are in space.

16. The Big Lebowski

In the film The Big Lebowski, the story of The Dude is told. He tries to buy a carpet, which is not an easy task. Not only The Dude is struggling, but also the audience has a hard time understanding what’s going on, thanks to the strange characters.

Fans like to quote from the film, because the entertaining script just lends itself to that.

17. Pan’s Labyrinth

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This dark movie is about a girl named Orfelia who encounters magical creatures. They help her decide her fate. The setting is in a time about five years after the end of the Spanish Civil War.

The film is so ingenious because many aspects are mixed. On the one hand it is emotional, brutal and on the other hand it is mystical.

18. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

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Marvel fans will probably never agree on which is the best movie. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is definitely a candidate for first place.

It highlights so many aspects of the characters and tells how they became the personalities they are today. You don’t necessarily expect that much depth from a comic book adaptation.

19. Hot Fuzz

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Between all the comedies that have already been released, Hot Fuzz is our favorite and not without reason. The two British policemen who are the main characters make the movie incredibly entertaining. Humor, mystery, horror and action all come together, which is unique.

If you want to know whether the policemen will successfully solve the crime you should watch the movie.

20. Spider-Man 2

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This movie must be fantastic, because even the film critic Roger Ebert, who is known for his harsh reviews, praised it. He titled it the best superhero movie since Superman.

Even though the film’s subject is not always light fare, there is always a feeling of lightheartedness. You even get a glimpse into Spider-Man’s private life.

21. Evil Dead II

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This movie has been called flawless by many viewers and there is a reason for that. You will get the best of both worlds, because you are constantly between laughing and screaming while watching the film.

Evil Dead II is a sequel to a true classic from 1981 starring Bruce Campell.

22. Titanic

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Titanic is a masterpiece by James Cameron. Everyone has seen this movie that is based on a true tragedy. Cameron had a say in almost everything in the movie since he was the director and co-producer.

It deserves its 11 Oscars and 14 nominations for the Academy Awards. Until this day it is one of the most watched movies in the world.

23. West Side Story

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If you haven’t seen this classic film, yet you need to watch it as soon as possible. Because he had no experience with musicals the director asked the musical director Jerome Robbins for help.

Thanks to his help the film will take you back to Manhattan in the late 1950s.

24. The English Patient

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There are now countless movies set during World War II. This one, however, will touch them in the deepest part of their hearts as they will feel the true horror of war.

The English Patient is a must-see for anyone who is interested in history. This masterpiece was rewarded with seven Golden Globes.

25. Slumdog Millionaire

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In the U.S., Slumdog Millionaire was a surprising success because not much was known about Indian culture there before. Now awareness of the problems in Indian slums has spread around the world.

The film follows the lives of brothers living in a slum in Mumbai. The author Simon Beaufoy managed to portray the Indian culture very real.

26. Schindler’s List

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This film is based on a novel that served as a template for the author Steven Zaillians screenplay. Together with Steven Spielberg as director, they created a true masterpiece.

Even though the film is once again about the Second World War and the Holocaust, it is worth watching. The music by Itzhak Perlman and camera work alone make it almost perfect.

27. Forrest Gump

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Who doesn’t love Forrest Gump? Young Tom Hanks did a great job playing Forrest in 1994 and received an Academy Award for his role. The movie was a success all over the world.

It combines many historic events with the story of Forrest Gump who is able to restore faith in humanity.

28. The Godfather Part II

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Often the sequels to successful movies are not as good as the original. In this case, however, that’s not the case. The second part of The Godfather features terrific actors like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

It was a good decision to continue the first part and get the support of Francis Ford Coppola.

29. Get Out

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On this list, the film is one of the newer works, which by no means makes it worse. It is more topical than ever, as it tackles the issue of racism. We can all feel in this movie what you have to go through every day as an African American.

Society is shown from a very critical point of view and hopefully will make some rethink their behavior.

30. Creed

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After the Rocky movies, hardly anyone thought it was possible that there could be a movie in the future that could hold a candle to this one. But The Creed is even better than the 1976 original.

The characters from the Rocky movie evolve in the sequel and so does the story.

31. Shaun Of The Dead

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Before Hot Fuzz came along, Originally Shaun Of The Dead was the quintessential horror comedy. With Hot Fuzz, the film got some definite competition. However, that does not make it worse and the story around the slacker Shawn is still very entertaining.

Even if you’re not a fan of zombie movies, you should check out how funny it can be.

32. Fight Club

When it was released in 1999, the film was quite controversial among viewers. In the meantime, it is no longer considered controversial and has become a real classic.

You can see there, among other things, the young Brad Pitt as a soap salesman who changes the industry and founds an underground fight club. The ending, by the way, is quite unexpected.

33. The Incredibles

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The Incredibles is not the typical Disney movie and nothing alike to any other movie in this list. It tells the story of a family with incredible superpowers that they are trying to hide in order to live a normal life.

The level of animation is impressive and the plot is not only entertaining for children but also for adults.

34. Vertigo

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All Hitchcock movies are classics including Vertigo. It tells the story about a former police officer who is extremely afraid of heights. The vibe is quite mysterious and the camerawork does an amazing job of making you feel vertigo.

Dolly zoom is used to create that effect by changing the camera view perspective.

35. The Shawshank Redemption

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This film can easily be counted among the best films of all time. Film critic Roger Ebert described it as profound. It is about continuity in life combined with friendship and hope. The film received numerous nominations even though it did not sell many tickets.

However, over the years, viewers realized how brilliant the film really was.

36. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was the second movie in history that managed to win all major categories of the Academy Award. Jack Nicholsons performance in the movie is impressive.

With the help of the other main characters the film became number 33 of the 100 best movies of the last 100 years.

37. The Sound Of Music

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You can watch The Sound of Music several times and it will always bring light into the world. The story is based on true events around the Von Trapp family a world-famous concert group.

It’s about music and a love story set in Austria. Those are the greatest things in life anyways.