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27 Photos from the deserted Liza Minnelli’s Beverly Hills Mansion

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It’s stunning to see some of the homes of the biggest celebrities of all time. But even more shocking to see are the homes of stars that have become abandoned.

Once Vincente Minnelli and his Family called this house their home. He is a popular Hollywood director. A long legal battle has made this house what it is now. But take a look for yourself.

1. The Fate of Celebrity Homes

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Without Lee Anderson-Minelli’s knowledge, Liza Minelli sought to sell the property. She felt she was doing what was best for her and her stepmother.

Liza Minnelli was the heir to such a glamorous estate. The elegant Hollywood manor was well-structured with beautiful architecture and gardens.

Her estate was passed down from a gifted stage and film director. Vincente Minelli was known for creating some of America’s all-time favorite movies and being Liza’s father. Continue reading.

2. Hollywood Dreams

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In the early 1900s, we witness one of the golden ages of Hollywood; Vincente Minelli was a director known and credited for some of the most memorable classics in American film history.

Before Vincente Minnelli became a household name, he was a young American boy from a working-class family. Growing up in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, all Minelli ever dreamed of was the stage, lights, camera, and action.

He longed to direct, but it wasn’t until Minelli’s 20s that he set out to achieve his dreams as a filmmaker in 1903.

3. Humble Beginnings

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Today, Minnelli is known throughout the world as a legendary filmmaker. Before earning his status as a talented director, the Minelli name was held by an Italian American working-class family of the mid 20th century.

Before his classic films sent shockwaves throughout the globe in 1903, Vincente was just like anyone else. He was an aspiring young man, living in early Illinois for most of his childhood. Sources reported that he also spent time in Indiana and Ohio during his teen years.

4. Early Success

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As a producer, Vincente scored his first big hit with audiences. Positive reviews and of ” At Home Abroad” traveled across the globe in 1935. His success began with critical acclaim. This musical production reached its peak in popularity and had a two-year run until 1940.

Minelli’s passion was the driving force behind him, directing many other warm and heartfelt classic. It wasn’t long until his successful run and reputation would land him his first big deal at Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios in 1940.

After seizing the opportunity to collaborate with Hollywood’s biggest stars and directors, Minelli’s films began to flourish. He was able to consolidate an impressive portfolio, granting him a long successful career in the film and music industry.

5. Baby Liza

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Although Minnelli was known for the films he produced, he also gained notoriety for the women in his life. Vincente married four times and had children.

The most famous of them, mentioned in the opening statements of this article, was Liza Minelli. She is the older sibling of Christiane Nina Minelli, the second daughter of Vincente and his third wife, Georgette Magnani.

6. Star Crossed Romance

Minelli was married four times in his life. His most popularized marriage was to the mesmerizing actress and singer, Judy Garland. They tied the knot on June 15, 1945, after falling in love on set.

The beautiful starlet was involved in various movies throughout her life, including her husband’s works.

7. Judy Garland’s Film Career

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Films Garland starred in include: A Star Is Born, The Great Lie, Blonde Fever, etc. But the actress is best remembered for her starring role as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Garland is also known for receiving much acclaim for the many films she starred in. From her appearances, Garland received several Golden Globe and Tony Awards.

This role won her an Oscar in 1939. Vincente and garland met during this film in 1944. It was on the set of his own film “Meet Me In St. Louis” after years of working together, that Garland and Minelli would fall in love.

8. Judy Garland’s Music

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The starlet’s talents evolved beyond the silver screen. Judy Garland also topped charts with multiple studio albums.

In the music industry, she went on to win many coveted music awards of her time. In fact, Judy Garland was the first woman to ever win a Grammy in 1961. She even appeared as the host of her own television program, “The Judy Garland Show.”

9. A New Star is Born

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Two years after “Meet Me In St. Louis”, Vincente and Garland had a beautiful baby girl. Liza Minelli was born on March 12, 1946.

Anyone could tell that Liza was destined for greatness. Later in her adult life, she would become a star and go on to achieve her own success.

Liza would go on to amass Tony and Academy Awards for revered performances in great American classic films, such as “Cabaret” in 1972.

10. Big Shoes to Fill

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Much like her mother, Liza Minnelli is also well known for her amazing vocals. Her singing voice became a staple from Hollywood to Broadway, with highlighted Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall performances.

There, Liza performed among some of the Greatest Singers of All Time in popular concerts between the late 1970s and early 1990s.

11. Trouble in Paradise

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Though Her parents gave birth to a star, the extremely talented Minelli family wasn’t always happy. Vincente and Garland would often argue.

Many of their disputes were well-publicized. As with most celebrity controversy, the media often plays a crucial role in ripping celebrity families apart.

In 1951 Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland separated. The separation was due, much in part, to Judy Garland having some very self-destructive habits.

12. Bad Habits

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Garland was said to have overdosed on sleeping pills and methamphetamines. She was also known for having horrible fits of anxiety, depression and nervous breakdowns.

For a while, tabloids and magazine reporters would have a field day covering Garland’s controversial life. Some even reported that she tried to commit suicide twice, after concluding a couple of contracts.

13. Paparazzi

There’s almost nothing that Judy Garland and Vincente could do to avoid the paparazzi of their day. They would end up in the paper for every affair and fight until, ultimately, their divorce in 1951.

Of course, Some believe that no one could ever fill Garland’s shoes for Vincente. This is why many speculated Minelli married several times. Vincente popped the question at least two more times until he finally he settled down. The search for love was over when he finally married Lee Anderson in 1980.

14. Weddings and Funerals

Sadly, Minnelli did not get to enjoy his last true love affair. Just six years after the honeymoon, Vincente Minnelli caught pneumonia and emphysema.

It was shocking news to all the reporters and media outlets to hear that Vincente Minnelli would die in his Beverly Hills mansion at the age of 83.

The saddest thing about his death was that many believe the controversy surrounding his elaborate estate ownership did not allow his spirit to rest.

15. Controversial Disputes

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Of course, this property was worth a lot of money. This added more fuel to the fire, causing both parties to fight over agreements concerning the property.

In full, It had a value of about $1.1. million. Vincente Minnelli left this fortune to his first child, Liza Minnelli. The controversy may have started with him, allowing his first child and his last wife to have some joint ownership of the house.

16. Anderson vs. Liza

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Lee Anderson Minelli was allowed to live in the mansion, but Liza owned it. If you know like anyone else in Hollywood knows, it’s pretty hard for anyone to let go when money’s involved. Liza Minnelli took care of all of the bills for years until she found an opportunity to sell the property.

17. For Sale

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Without Lee Anderson-Minelli’s knowledge, Liza Minelli sought to sell the property. She felt she was doing what was best for her and her stepmother. After selling the house, she later offered Lee a condominium valued at almost half a million dollars.

Much to Liza Minnelli’s astonishment, Lee Anderson completely refused. She had vowed to stay in the house Vincente Minnelli built until her last days.

18. Trouble in Court

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This situation was a tragedy due to the rift between the two family members. Before long, Liza’s stepmother would end up fighting back in a series of legal battles.

After the house had sold, Lee still refused. As far as she was concerned, the house was hers to die in. For her, it wasn’t a bizarre request. The estate was all she had left to hold on to Vincente Minelli’s memory.

19. Family Feud

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The dispute went on several years when Liza decided to fight back. She ended her payments for bills and utilities.

She even terminated the staff that was taken care of the garden and maintaining other parts of the home.

This led to more court trouble. Lee would again take her stepdaughter to court.

20. Court Procedures

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The battle didn’t last long before they agreed. Legal settlements were made splitting up property payments and specifying who got what.

The courts took Lee Anderson’s side for the most part. She was 94 years old at the time, so Liza was made to look like the villain. Her actions were considered a breach of contract.

The damage between their relationship was, in some cases, irreparable even in 2002.

21. Documents

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Amy orchard explained that Vincente Minnelli gave his daughter full control over the estate and even gave her permission to put her stepmother in a home as long as she did so in a caring manner.

As soon as these documents were brought up, the tables started to turn. Everyone was aware that Liza was willing to spend almost half a million on a condo for her stepmother.

” I am willing to give her a happy life.” These were Liza Minelli’s own words in response to her 94-year-old stepmother’s request.

22. Agreement

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This short spat between stepmother and stepdaughter finally came to an end. Liza would reach out to her stepmother.

And they had come to a mutual agreement. Some settlement was made outside of the court, and Anderson Lee dropped the suit against her stepchild.

Of course, Anderson Lee got her wish. She did not leave the house. Instead, Liza Minnelli would pay rent So that Lee could stay.

When she passed, the new owners could do whatever they wanted. It wasn’t until four years after that the buyers finally closed the deal in 2006.

23. New Owners

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Lee Anderson Minelli died only a month after her 100th birthday. This is three years after the new owners purchased the property.

According to the contract, the new owners could finally live in the house. It did cost them $2.75 million to buy the property after all.

As beautiful as it was, It badly needed touching up. The new owners aspired to renovate the house, making it more appealing for modern residents.

24. Renovations

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So it turns out the new owners never got around to making all of their updates to modernizing the house. So instead of renovating, they left the property looking unfinished.

They were never able to resell the property. The house was first built
in a different time. Let’s reflect on its days of luxury.

25. House Features

It was builtIn in 1925, made of Spanish colonial architecture. It stuck out with unique features terracotta; even plastered walls were rather large: 42,500 square meters to be exact, square meters to be exact.

Many doubted that the renovations could ever live up to the beauty once magnified by the mansion’s architecture. It seems a waste that the owners could never know exactly what to do with 42,500 square meters of Hollywood history.

It’s a stark contrast from when Vincent first relocated to that area in 1951. It was a mansion, more like a palace of matching 19 rooms at six bedrooms and six bathrooms in total. Now it carries no resemblance.

26. Unnanounced Visitors

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The miniature castle should have been more than enough for new owners to make all of their dreams come true.

Some thought that Liza Minnelli made a terrible mistake in selling it and rightfully so. Today it serves no other purpose than as a landmark for squatter fans of Liza, Vincente Minnelli, and Judy Garland.

During road trips, they stop by often leave messages on the walls hinting to how the property once sheltered American Film Royalty.

27. Wasted Opportunity

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The Los Angeles Times featured the property’s exotic highlights. It had libraries, corridors, and more exotic features like Python skin covered walls.

It makes you wonder who could allow such a rare find go? The owners remain unnamed in plenty of articles covering the once-glamorous estate.

After Vincente died, Lee made no renovations of her own. It’s a crying shame that the Minelli Manor lived up to its former glory in the modern age.