21 Crazy traffic pictures

Driving on public roads can sometimes be a very frustrating experience.
Traffic jams in particular drive us all to a white heat. And some routes are extremely complicated, uncomfortable and contribute to the faster wear of our cars. Frequent acceleration and braking are known to be poison, isn’t it?

However, there are always events that distract us from traffic jams, ugly surroundings and other negative factors in road traffic. And some of which amuse us quite a bit. We put together a list for you that shows various amusing pictures in traffic. The next traffic jam will be much funnier …

1. A snake!

There are plenty of people who leave their pets in the car. Although it is actually not advisable, especially in high heat there is a risk of suffocation. Usually, however, there are mostly dogs in the car, possibly a cat. But we have rarely seen a snake in a car so far …

A queue in a car is definitely not something we see every day. And then there is also a snake, which can move freely throughout the interior. Does the owner have no sense of responsibility at all? It would of course also be possible that this is not a pet but a wild animal, which creeps in without being asked.

2. It has wings

At first we thought that this picture was taken somewhere in Eastern Europe, because in this part of the world there are really all sorts of strange pictures to see. In fact, the picture is from Pennsylvania. But wait a minute, aren’t ladders usually transported on the roof?

It looks like the car probably had no such option. So I had to improvise here and slide the ladder right across the car. Of course, there was not enough space from the inside and the doors had to remain open. The car looked as if it had wings. Cars passing by must have looked twice …

3. Look mom! Hands-free!

Furniture is usually transported by a van or truck. However, this young man decided that he did not need either of the two vehicles and decided on his bike. Maybe he was also concerned with being environmentally conscious and doing something for his fitness at the same time.

In any case, this guy, who carries an armchair over his shoulders while cycling, really offers a circus-like representation that has astonished and smiled at many other road users. We strongly hope that he didn’t fall off his bike in this position. That would most likely have been extremely painful. And then the armchair upside down … ouch!

4. Raccoon in the truck

Some truck drivers are often accompanied by a passenger or their dog. And some animals even like to go with them while watching the passing landscape from very high up. For some four-legged friends, this is a varied adventure. Wouldn’t it be so shaky from time to time.

However, this truck driver does not have a dog, but a raccoon to accompany him in the cab. Obviously, the animal is extremely trusting and does not mind the fact that it is hugged. But does he feel comfortable in a truck cab in the long run? Or was he just on board for a little jaunt? Only the two know that.

5. You drove too fast!

Nobody stands above the law, even if the driver is so small and cute. Obviously, this child committed an administrative offense and was promptly challenged by a guardian of the law. Could the little one exceed the speed limit?

Of course, that depends on the speed allowed for plastic cars in the streets and of course, it could also be that the policeman only asked the little boy not to drive his plastic car on public roads and refrained from paying a fine with his eyes closed. After all, who could be seriously angry with such an angel? Certainly very few.

6. We will Rock you!

Everyone knows the eponymous hit of the band “Queen” and this famous song! This truck driver seemed to have a special liking for the song and immortalized the title on the back of his gravel truck. Certainly he made some drivers who drove after him sing.

Or he used the saying as a targeted pun. After all, he regularly transports a lot of stones that fit the topic well. “Rock” is not only an expression for cool music, but also the English term for the word “stone”. Ambiguity is still a really cool thing, provided the meaning behind it is understood.

7. The rule of the cats

It is common knowledge that cats are related to the lion, the king of the beasts. And it does not seem to be entirely impossible that one day they will take over the world. If you look at this picture, you will first focus on the scratching post that was attached to the roof of the Ford.

However, if you take a closer look, you will see that the associated room tiger is behind the wheel of the car. Cats are extremely clever animals, there is no doubt about that. However, due to their anatomical conditions, they are not particularly suitable for driving a vehicle. The cat had to switch back to the back seat very soon.

8. Toy Story

It is common knowledge that many truck drivers are passionate about spicing up their trucks with various souvenirs. These can be additional lights, glowing LED jewelry on the inside or lots of pennants on the windshield. This trucker came up with a completely different, even way more extremely cooler idea…

It seems he was a big Disney fan and used the two characters “Woody” and “Buzz Lightyear” from Toy Story. Hopefully the two animation heroes were well attached under the taillights and didn’t land behind the tires. That would have been a shame about the creative efforts of the truck driver.

9. Pikachu?

“Kia” sounds a lot like “Pika” . This is one of the most famous exclamations, of the cute, yellow Blitz Pokemon Pikachu. Obviously, the owner of the car is a big Pokemon fan and quickly turned his Kia into an adaptation of Pikachu. Well, at least the rear wiper, which now works in the style of Pikachus flash tails.

But the colors of the car are also very reminiscent of the most popular Pokemon ever. Everyone loves Pikachu, no question! But how far should such a love go? Of course that is in the eye of the personal viewer. And other road users should also have had fun in this regard.

10. A shark chasing a burger

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” This bus in the shape of a giant shark, is really extremely cool and original. There is definitely no such thing to be seen every day. Sea Life really left no stone unturned to inspire its visitors for the immense magic of the underwater world.

The whole scenario was topped by another vehicle, which in the form of a giant burger most likely delivered delicious fast food. Was it a coincidence that the two vehicles met in such a suitable pose or was it possibly deliberately planned? We are certain that the big shark would not have said no to a snack of this kind …

11. Invasion from space?

This mysterious vehicle was sighted on the open road and was soon taken into custody. It even had a license plate. What ideas some people come up with is really incredible. We are surprised that something like this is even permitted in traffic, isn’t it?

Apparently it was not and because of that it was withdrawn from circulation. Somehow a shame. The owners had really put a lot of effort into this flying saucer. Or was it really an invasion from space? This is the big question of price. It may give them official permission to drive on the moon …

12. Bad Judgment

Bad judgments can go a long way – or quite the opposite, literally. In this case, the car is now on a pedestrian bridge due to a very bad judgment. Still, so many questions remained unanswered – why did the car think this was an overpass? Why did the driver think it was normal to drive across the grass to get an overpass? How does it look like an overpass at all? To many questions.

13. Captain America on the road

Cosplaying is becoming more common these days – wearing a costume at Comic-Con is a great way to have fun. Usually, however, it is limited to the costume – but this man took it to another level with a suitable motorcycle. I wonder if he went to the venue with it.

14. TV series

It seems Rick was spinning C-69 as a load here on Earth – on purpose or on purpose, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s now a cargo with a questionable pose. And maybe Morty turned into a truck? If this paragraph doesn’t make sense to you – go to Rick and Morty.

15. Bentley Version

Modesty is a tricky word – because it is one that you can never say about yourself. It’s a bit like the Catch-22 paradox: if you say you are humble, the act of saying proves that you are not – which is roughly the picture. I’m not sure if it is a good idea to put a plate labeled “Humble” on a gold Bentley to say that you are humble. Sarcasm maybe?

16. Strange Car

An individually designed license plate often costs a huge sum, but in certain situations it is worth paying the price. This picture is a good example of a fun license plate that is worth your money. You will have a lot of fun driving this devilishly red car with the license plate teasing other drivers on the road.

17. Oh cell no!

Most word games make you laugh, even if they are bad. They just have something about them that is so funny. And this word game found in Utah is just hilarious and will make any road trip better. SMS behind the wheel? Mobile phone no. Don’t text and drive!

18. What’s that?

This person thought it would be a pleasant idea to sit down and put your foot out the window of a car. But something that she wasn’t expecting happened. A biker who was driving next to the vehicle had a brilliant idea: he decided to tickle her! And the thing was so hilarious that she had to take it up.

19. Taxi

This sheriff has decided to take the “undercover” part of his job far too seriously. The back of the car is like a taxi! Anyone driving behind this vehicle would have no idea that this vehicle really belongs to the police. Be careful when you cut off the taxis on the street!

20. Is it a train?

It’s nice to find a bit of humor in places where you least expect it, isn’t it? That is the case with this picture. This funny bus driver definitely made some people laugh at the LED panel on the vehicle. And it says “Choo Choo” on it. I’m a train! “

21. The slightly different transport

As we can see here, this driver may have meant too well. He got his car pretty well loaded. Let’s hope it goes well and all those loaded chairs don’t fly off the car in the next turn. If you don’t have a truck at hand, you have to improvise. Definitely! This is exactly what this photo was made of.