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The old police dog Kyle picked up a scent – what he found was a huge surprise

Smith looked at his dog in wonder. The four-legged friend had put on his ears and was pressing his front legs into the ground. He must have sensed or detected something. Strange! The dog stood rigidly like a statue, Smith had never seen him like that before. What would happen now?

1. What did the dog discover?

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The dog Kyle stood rooted to the spot in front of a tree. The animal literally fixed the tree trunk. Kyle’s behavior was so unusual that Smith’s hands got wet. His heart was beating wildly, they must have discovered something incredible. Smith did not take his eyes off his dog for a second.

2. Why is Kyle behaving strangely?

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Kyle had been behaving unusually for days. Every time he went for a walk, the animal was completely overexcited and nervous. The dog had been a police dog, maybe that was where his strange behavior came from. Nevertheless, it was surprising that the animal was so tense. There had to be a reason.

3. A puzzling behavior

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The strange thing was that Kyle’s behavior had not always been like this. It had changed abruptly! Before, he had been a calm animal who listened well to commands. This change in behavior had to indicate something. But what? But what? Smith had no explanation. He was completely in the dark.

4. Kyle is a former Police dog

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Kyle had two other owners before the Smiths. At the same time, he was always on duty as a police dog. For this reason, the families had always given him away, because he was very often on duty. So the German shepherd was no longer a young animal, but an experienced police dog when he came to the Smiths.

5. A big change

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You have to remember that Kyle had been raised and trained as a police dog. Moreover, he had already been with two different families. Kyle’s behavior could no longer be changed so easily. For the dog, changing his tasks and environment was a big challenge. The Smiths had to be lenient with Kyle.

6. A loyal friend

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Kyle was a dog with great character strengths. He was trained to detect things and defend people. The Smith family could be sure that Kyle would protect them. Nevertheless, the German Shepherd was in no way aggressive or violent. Kyle was a dog with great character strengths. He was trained to detect things and defend people. The Smith family could be sure that Kyle would protect them.

7. Officer John

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Officer John had been Kyle’s coach on the police force. He also learned to use his body and his teeth to defend himself. Anyone who has ever seen the teeth of a German shepherd knows that Kyle was a weapon not to be underestimated. He was trained to protect people.

8. A strong character

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Kyle was amazing, because it could be seen that he would even sacrifice his own life to defend his owner. Police dogs are trained to do this. It was nevertheless heartrending to see what the loyal dog was prepared to do. Kyle was the perfect dog and companion. His training had solidified his character.

9. The perfect partnership

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Normally, police dogs work with a handful of officers. However, Kyle harmonized so great with Officer John that the two soon became an inseparable pair. Kyle and John always and exclusively worked together. A perfect team. Such an intense partnership between man and dog is very rarely seen in the police force.

10. Best friends

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It is quite clear that Kyle was very fixated on Officer John. When the dog was with other people, he behaved differently. This was completely normal, because Officer John was the pack leader in Kyle’s eyes. Of course, Kyle also had to get used to other people. Every dog owner knows that.

11. Sad separation

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It was a problem for Officer John when Kyle’s tour of duty with the police ended. He very much wanted to keep Kyle. However, this was not possible because he was constantly on shift duty. For this reason Officer John gave the dog up for adoption with a heavy heart.

12. Broken heart

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It was not surprising that the separation was very difficult for both Officer John and Kyle. They were used to each other, trusted each other and one could say they loved each other. Kyle suffered a lot. Life without this partnership would never be the same. The dog’s heart was broken.

13. Kyle’s new home

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The Smith family lived in ideal conditions to keep a dog. They had an idyllic house in the countryside surrounded by fields. It also bordered a forest. Every day they took Kyle for very long walks. It could hardly have been better for Kyle. There was only one day when the Smiths did not walk with Kyle as usual.

14. A good environment

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The Smith family really took great care of the sheepdog. They took good care of him, gave him attention and exercise. They knew that the separation from Officer John was not easy for the dog, but the family really did their best. The family was sure that Kyle would get used to them and the new environment.

15. Something unexpected

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Kyle was able to romp through the woods in his new environment. What fun? There were lots of little animals to chase, obstacles to jump over and smells to sniff. One day, however, the dog tracked down something very unusual. We are happy to tell you what it was, because it was extraordinary.

16. Where does Kyle want to go?


There was a very specific path that the Smith family took with Kyle every day. Strangely, Kyle didn’t want to go down it one day. Instead, he moved in a different direction. They tried to motivate Kyle to go the usual way, but Kyle remained stubborn and tugged at the leash.

17. Where does the dog lead them?

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That was unusual! Kyle usually liked to go the usual way. What was wrong with him today? The Smith family wondered, but let Kyle take the lead. Where would the dog take them? What was the reason for his behavior? The Smiths still had no idea what surprise was in store for them.

18. What was wrong with Kyle?

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Kyle had been out and about in the city as a police dog. His new life in the country gave him plenty of free rein. The dog liked to romp around but was still obedient. On this day, however, when he took a different direction, he acted impatient, nervous and seemed completely out of sorts.

19. The dog changed its behavior

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The Smith family began to worry about Kyle. Initially, he seemed to enjoy his new surroundings and romped around in nature. From one day to the next, he also stopped eating and became completely passive. He was lying on the floor most of the time and could not be motivated to do anything.

20. Kyle takes a track

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That one walk changed everything. Kyle seemed to be controlled by someone else. No matter what the family did, the dog seemed to follow a scent and could no longer be controlled. He had his nose in the forest floor and sniffed and ran ahead. What was wrong with the dog?

21. Kyle had been a police dog

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Kyle had been trained as a police dog. No wonder he could not be dissuaded from the trail he had picked up. However, the Smith family did not understand what it could be that the dog was smelling. They had no choice, however, because Kyle was acting like he was remote-controlled, and they had to follow him.

22. A good nose

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Kyle had already tracked down everything possible on the walks in the forest. The dog was interested in everything. Small animals, mushrooms, old clothes – he found all kinds of things. Normally, the Smith family was amused by this. Kyle opened their eyes to many things. They would never have noticed the frog, for example.

23. Everyone was nervous

This time, however, Kyle’s behavior was different. The scent he had smelled completely upset the dog. Kyle was nervous and obviously uncontrollable. It quickly became clear to the Smith family that the dog must have picked up something special. No wonder the Smiths’ nerves were on edge as they followed the dog.

24. What could it be?

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So the Smiths marched after the dog. They were completely unaware of where he was leading them. It was to be hoped that he had not tracked down anything terrible. We must not forget that Kyle was actually trained as a police dog. Drugs, missing persons … the Smiths had all sorts of things on their minds.

25. Calming their nerves

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Perhaps it was another animal Kyle was on the trail of after all. The Smiths tried to calm their nerves. What could possibly be hiding in this idyllic forest in the countryside? Perhaps it was some kind of birds that were upsetting Kyle. The Smiths were talking themselves into a good mood.

26. Is something on the trees?

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At some point, the Smiths turned their gaze upwards. Perhaps something was hiding in the trees that was upsetting Kyle. However, nothing was visible. It was an autumn day and the trees had long since lost their leaves. There was nothing unusual to see. The sky was blue and the branches rose empty into the sky.

27. Slowly fear arose

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So the tension had gripped not only Kyle but also the Smith family. Everyone was nervous and upset. The family had no real explanation for the dog’s behavior. They were starting to get really scared. Kyle did not let go of the trail and the hunt continued into the forest.

28. Danger? Threat?

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Over time, the Smiths realised that it had to be a threat. No normal stimulus would be enough to tie the dog up like this. As a police dog, he was not easily distracted, that was clear. So it was a danger, or something threatening, that the dog was chasing. Wasn’t it?

29. John’s advice

Suddenly Kyle lay down on the forest floor as if frozen. What was going on now? Unable to explain the behavior, the Smiths picked up their mobile phones and called Officer John. He told them to trust Kyle because the dog knew what to do. So the Smiths followed John’s advice.

30. What now ?

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Officer John had told the Smiths that Kyle had reverted to police dog mode. There was nothing and no one who could stop him from doing his duty. In fact, there had to be a danger, or a threat, nearby, the officer explained. The Smiths were in no way reassured by this.

31. Barking at the tree

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Kyle barked at the tree. Officer John advised the Smiths that Kyle was trained to detect dangerous objects in trees. The Smiths’ hearts sank. What had the dog found? The first thing that came to mind was drugs. The truth, however, was far more dangerous. The Smiths would never have imagined this.

32. Under the bark

On Officer John’s advice, Mr Smith cautiously approached the tree. He looked carefully at the trunk. Sure enough, he saw a spot where the bark was loose. His nerves were tense and he was very concentrated. While Kyle barked, Mr Smith carefully tried to remove the bark. What was revealed made his blood run cold.

33. What had to be done?

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Kyle fixed Mr Smith with his eyes. He was obviously waiting for a command. Mr Smith was now holding a piece of bone in his hands. He had no idea whether what happens here, nor what he or Kyle had to do now. The Smiths were not prepared for this situation.

34. Waiting for help

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The dog had tracked something that had to be reported to the police, that much was clear. The Smiths suspected that it was not drugs. They had to hand this thing over to the authorities. But it was probably best not to move from the spot. The location of the find was certainly important.

35. Help on the mobile phone

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Mr Smith called Officer John again. In a trembling voice he described Kyle’s behavior again. He had no idea what was with the tree or the bone. However, he trusted that John could now tell him exactly what to do. The Smiths felt like they were in a thriller. How much danger were they in?

36. Officer John is stunned

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John could hardly believe his ears when he heard what Mr Smith was telling him. From the looks of it, he had to get forensics to help. All this could not be true. If it was what Officer John suspected, then it was truly unbelievable. The Smiths needed help in this situation.

37. The policeman is also nervous

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Mr Smith quickly realized that Officer John was also surprised. Apparently, even the experienced police officer had never had to deal with a case like this before. Everyone’s nerves were on edge. It was important to act calmly and according to the situation, Officer John tried to reassure the Smiths.

38. Help is coming

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Officer John made his way to the Smiths in the staff car. He wanted to help and assist them personally. However, he was completely surprised at how long the journey took. After 2 hours, he still had not arrived. John had never visited Kyle. What kind of deserted area did they live in?

39. Old friend

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When Officer John finally arrived at his destination, his heart stung. In a moment he would see his old friend again. He had been so busy that he had never seen Kyle again. How would the dog react to him? John was extremely tense. The incredible find almost faded into the background.

40. On the spot

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Officer John was in a sad mood. He felt like he had let his old friend down. On the other hand, he was incredibly happy. There were so many memories of their time together in the police force. They had solved many cases together and Kyle had been the best police dog John could imagine.

41. Reunion

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The reunion with Kyle moved the policeman to tears. Kyle rushed up to him and lapped him up. But John was here for professional reasons and had to investigate the discovery site. He examined the bark and pulled the small bottle out of the tree trunk. It was a very exciting moment.

42. Under the bark

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Kyle calmed down over time. Officer John, however, was completely upset. The find in the tree stirred him up. It was really creepy. So upsetting that even an experienced police officer was thrown into turmoil. Surely you would like to know now what was hidden under the bark of the tree?

43. A creepy discovery

The tree had to be cut down to reveal the full horror. There were actually human bones in the tree. An unbelievable and gruesome find. It was remarkable that Kyle had tracked down the skeleton. It was in the middle of the bark. None of the people present had ever seen anything like it before.

44. An amazing dog

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The Smiths were overwhelmed by the abilities Kyle had. He was a police dog through and through. They were also moved by how much the dog loved the police officer. It was heartwarming to see the dog’s loving gaze. But the story does not end there, because the Smiths made further discoveries.

45. Officer John is overwhelmed

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Officer John was concerned about the find in the tree. He had to call for help. Handling a human skeleton required experts, and he had to ask for them. So the dutiful policeman made his way to his car. However, he could not complete his mission. Something got in his way first.

46. A team of forensic scientists

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Officer John could not call for backup because they had already arrived. The team of forensic experts began to examine the bones. An exciting affair. Soon everyone involved would learn what kind of skeleton it was. You need specialists for such a gruesome find. Officer John could do nothing more.

47. Suddenly the forensic experts are laughing

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Plötzlich fingen die Forensiker an zu lachen. Das menschliche Skelett war nicht echt! Scheinbar hatte hier jemand Halloween gefeiert und die Knochen vergessen. Die Situation war plötzlich komisch. Doch weshalb hatte Kyle Plastikknochen gewittert? Das war doch kaum möglich. Although it was now certain that the skeleton was not real, they were still faced with a mystery.

48. The realization

Officer John knew that Kyle could distinguish between dangerous and harmless things. It was hard to imagine that he was in complete turmoil over a plastic skeleton. The forensics officers and John looked at each other and from one moment to the next it was clear to them what was going on.

49. What had Kyle really tracked?

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Okay, there had to be something other than the skeleton behind Kyle’s barking and excitement. But what was it? It was now clear to everyone that the plastic bones were not the real find. Once again, everyone was curious to know what Kyle had actually found. But what was it?

50. A fake situation?

It was Mr Smith who had the bright idea. Was it possible that Kyle missed his job as a police dog so much that he had faked the situation? Was it possible that the dog was longing for John and his old job. Mr Smith looked around questioningly, looking for confirmation.

51. A spectacle of longing

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Mr Smith’s became increasingly aware of the situation. Kyle had tried to bring Officer John in with this action. He remembered that shortly before the event Kyle had stopped eating and was just lying around. Had the dog acted out the situation out of longing? Everyone looked at Kyle, stunned.

52. Deep longing

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Kyle looked at Officer John steadily from the moment he arrived. The love and longing was clear in his gaze. Was all this possible? Had Kyle actually acted out of longing to bring Officer John here? Kyle’s eyes spoke the truth. The situation got under the skin of everyone present.

53. The truth

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For years, Kyle had stood by his best friend Officer John. They have experienced countless dangerous situations together. The bond between the two ran deep. Kyle had joined the police force as a very young dog. Longing and love caused the dog to play tricks on everyone. It was really incredible.

54. Service out of love

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Slowly, Officer John also began to understand the situation. Unlike for him, working for the police had never been just a job for the dog. Kyle had done everything just to follow him and be near him. Moved, the policeman bent down to Kyle and stroked his fur. What a great love?

55. Faithfulness and loyalty

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In fact, dog and policeman were happy to work together once again. Such a close bond cannot be cut without pain. Kyle was a loyal animal, but how far his bond extended was amazing. Officer John was ashamed that he had not visited his faithful friend sooner. Not everyone gets to experience such loyalty, it was an honor.

56. A smart dog

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John realized that Kyle had only done what he used to have to do to get his attention. The dog had to track something and then bark. He looked at his old friend. He was still sitting there and started barking again. Officer John took the situation to heart and laughed.

57. A look into John’s heart

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John realized that he too had sorely missed the dog. All the work had distracted him, but they simply belonged together. He bent down to Kyle again and looked him in the eye. “What a pleasure to see you again, old buddy,” he murmured. It wasn’t easy for the policeman to allow himself to feel this way.

58. Incredible

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Again and again, stories come to light in which dogs do incredible things to see their old owners again. Breaking off contact is very painful for the animal. However, Kyle’s performance was something very special, neither the Smiths, the forensic experts nor John had heard anything like it before. Kyle is really incredible.

59. A very special dog

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Kyle still misses John from time to time. The Smiths were amazed that the dog still remembered everything he had learned in the police force. He had gone through a very special training program there. The sheepdog was really smart Officer John and the Smiths could be proud of him.

60. A great afternoon

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John decided to stay with Kyle for a while. He did not go back immediately. He had just met his friend again and wanted to enjoy it. Officer John wanted to spend an afternoon of fun and games with Kyle. He was grateful that he could feel the dog’s deep love.

61. Have fun together

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Officer John was aware that he had not seen Kyle for a long time. At the same time, he also knew that it would not be possible for him to see the animal frequently in the future either. So he wanted to enjoy the moment. Kyle and he were going to have an unforgettable day. John firmly resolved to do so.

62. The promise

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It was overwhelming to see the joy Kyle took in playing and hiking with John. They were simply the best of friends. When John had to say goodbye, he made Kyle promise to visit him as often as possible. He did not want his faithful friend to suffer , because the dog didn’t deserve that.

63. A nice life

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Naturally, the Smith family was thrilled by John’s promise. They had seen how happy Kyle was when he was with John. The two of them were a sworn and great team. The Smiths told John that he was always welcome with all their hearts. The dog should have a good life.

64. Partner for life

Bild: Victoria Antonova /

Basically, both Kyle and Officer John should be happy. The connection between the two was not completely absent from either of their lives. Their long time together in the police force would bind them together forever. They were so happy to see each other again. They would meet again as often as they could.

65. The end of a beautiful day

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Unfortunately, the beautiful reunion came to an end that day. The two had had a lot of fun. The farewell was not so sad, because a promise was in the room. Officer John would come to visit soon. Kyle would no longer have to dig so deep into his bag of tricks.

66. A last glance

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After saying goodbye, John turned to Kyle once more. The dog wagged its tail and howled. A stab went through John’s heart. He loved Kyle, but life with the Smiths was best for the dog. He pushed his guilt aside and drove off knowing he would see Kyle again soon.

67. With the Smiths

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Kyle went into the house with the Smiths. What a unique dog Mr Smith joked and gave the dog his food. It really is incredible what animals are capable of. We should respect these abilities and also the feelings of animals more, the Smiths realized. Dogs would always save our lives in case of doubt.