Would You Get Away With These Mistakes At Work? 17 Careless Employees Caught In Photographs

Bild: Dima Sidelnikov / Shutterstock.com

We understand the long-winded hours and the boring existence working nine to five can bring and we also understand that as a result not every moment of every waking day will you be able to pay attention to all details that your work requires.

That said, we also believe there are some full-time slackers out there trying to get away with the least amount of work possible leading to, at times, absolutely hilarious mistakes. And let’s not forget, as you make your way through these wonderful pictures that you too might have made similar mistakes, but hopefully not as bad.

1. What Does That Say?

We all can make the odd mistake at work. Mistakes happen and it’s better to learn from them so further down the line, a similar situation doesn’t occur. Most mistakes are made when instructions on the task are not made clear or maybe from a lapse in concentration. However, this one has to have been through pure laziness.

I mean missing the do not stack if it was written underneath, only on one of the boxes or in another language, then maybe we would have a bit more sympathy. But come on. “DO NOT STACK” is written 10 and half times, so I don’t think there’s too many excuses to give the boss.

2. Shouldn’t Someone Proof Read It?

If we look at this in an optimistic kind of way, it could be that the article was so exciting the writer got taken away in the immersive writing experience or maybe it’s an inside joke, that the team pictured had a great laugh about afterwards.

But in reality, it looks like someone hit the keyboard a couple of times particularly in the centre where you’ll find all those wonderful letters. I have no problem with this happening on the writers first or second draft. But after he wrote it the editor, proof-printer, pasters etc. all had a chance to catch the mistake. Maybe they all thought it would be funny on our list.

3. Long Weeks Work

Do you consider yourself a hard worker? And if you do are you willing to put in 9 days of hard work a week? If not maybe you’re not as dedicated as the staff are at this establishment.

They’re working so hard they actually managed to make up two extra days of work every week. If you don’t think that’s possible then maybe you’re not working hard enough. Or maybe you just live in reality and realise the people who painted this sign were not too interested in what it said and more about getting home in time for dinner.

4. What Movie Should We See?

I don’t know about you, but we can often be quite jealous of the cinema staff. Up there with food critics and ice cream makers, it has to be one of the best jobs out there. Free movie tickets to all the new and exciting film plus free, (or at least discounted) popcorn.

So with all these great perks of the job you’d think the staff would at least manage to do the little things correctly. Unfortunately not. If you were wondering, the sign should say Suicide Squad and Sausage Party. Two Hollywood movies, and not these horrible sounding alternatives.

5. Where Was It Made?

Almost every country takes pride in building something themselves. It gives jobs to your country, community and economy and also a little sense of achievement even if you weren’t involved in the process one bit.

But sometimes other places will try and tap in on this national pride to get a few more sales. Like in the case of the picture above. To be honest, it’s quite clever. Well, not really. This probably was not a lazy employee, just one with good intentions and poor execution. And just like the newspaper, shouldn’t someone in charge have checked this before sending it out?

6. When Your OCD Doesn’t Kick In

Now we don’t know if this worker was lazy, distracted or just wanting to watch the world burn, but one thing is for sure, they definitely do not have OCD.

We understand laying out the sidewalk can be tedious and probably at times boring work. But is it really necessary to get back at those taking their Sunday stroll like this? We can’t even look at this photograph let alone imagine walking up and down or across it. You never know, maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they forgot the difference between black and red this day.

7. That’s Not A Tarantula

I didn’t major in Biology, like most of you out there, but I think I could teach the packer of this little horror a thing or two. I mean don’t get me wrong, I haven’t seen too many tarantulas but even off the top picture on the box it comes on, I can tell the toy inside is definitely not one.

Again it might not have been laziness from an employee but more possibly from the management. I mean there’s plenty of things to go through and check before choosing the toy and packaging, and one of them is if you have the right animal.

8. Rough School

I remember the days after summer. With apprehension and excitement starting to build as the return to school began. Books, pencil cases, school bags and the all important knife needed to get back to school. Wait that’s not right.

No, it’s not the most regular thing to encourage customers to invest in when sending their beloved children back to school and this mistake must have been that of a less caring or attentive employee. Or even an employee with a twisted sense of humour that had an extra minute at the end of a shift to get up to some mischief.

9. Well, Which One Is It?

Mixed message happen all the time. Whether that’s in your dating life, professional career or even just conversing with your children, communication can at times break down. It happens, but let’s be honest, not quite to this extent.

This is a clear order counteracted by another clear order. Leaving the best of us confused and unsure which rule we are breaking when trying to get out of this building, and the worst of us stranded inside forever. Hard to tell again if this was a prank or lazy work. Either way, it confused plenty of people going about their daily business.

10. Parking Here Is Going To Be Tough

Ok, this is a perfect representation of not thinking ahead. We all do it. Look right in front of us instead of a little bit into the future. And can then get lost in the task at hand. Until a colleague or maybe been worse a boss has to step in a remind you, the cars have to be able to drive in and out of the car park too.

In fact, I think it’s this exact realization that’s occurring where the three gentlemen are standing. The “oh no” moment might have actually been captured in this very photograph.

11. Just A Quick Nap

Subtly is key when trying to get away with anything at school, university or of course, work. However, this word is not present in many peoples vocabulary.

So let’s analyse what is not subtle about this. one could argue that it’s the bright pink top that this lady is wearing, but we all know the level of subtly was massively decreased when she decided the desk was the best place to take the nap. In Japanese culture, sleeping at work is seen as a sign you have tired yourself from working so hard. But I don’t think this picture was taken in Japan, and she may have a nasty meeting with her boss sometime soon.

12. Wine Not?

In the times of sailboats and pirates, wine was usually more in abondance than water as it would not spoil as easily or quickly. Now I may not be a pirate now, but if this worker is saying this wine is as good for me as water who am I to argue.

Or maybe it was just that the employee themselves spent too much time on a 17th-century boat and has just mixed up what the difference between water and wine is. Whatever the reason is, be it a lazy attitude at work or a mix-up, the results are great for us who fancy a glass.

13. Heart Breaking News

On this list, there are many hilarious and at times ridiculous mistakes that have been made or are even in the process of being made, however, this headline writers mistake has to be one of the worst.

It’s just a pretty ridiculous situation. Whoever wrote the line had to have been half asleep to type this into the news broadcast. He has literally mixed up the president at the time and a well known terrorist organisation leader and has announced this as breaking news to the assumed thousands of viewers. I’m sure the fallback from this made it quite the day at the office.

14. It’s So Hard To Get Privacy Around Here

In the exact same way with the carpark mentioned earlier, the mistake shown here is simply not looking at the consequences of your work, but instead at just getting the job in front of you done and dusted, before heading home.

As a result, someone will be spending more time “not” alone when I can only assume they wish they were. Who knows there’s a possibility it was the wrong instructions left out for the poor worker who got the blame later that week but, let’s be honest. Bad instructions or good instructions, most bathrooms we use have doors.

15. Is That Supposed To Be Like That?

Continuing from obvious and actually quite fixable mistakes, how about this one. Anatomy may be the only thing we all have a firm grasp over, but maybe the installers of this advertisement are yet to learn where the head, arms and legs are.

This has to come down to a mistake and laziness to fix this mistake. Maybe the torso section went up first, the mistake was realised but lunchtime was soon so let’s leave it. Maybe there was even a brief moment of hope that no one, including the boss, would notice. But we think it’s pretty clear.

16. Simba Is Looking A Little Down

Even the most mundane jobs on the planet need to be done with a little pride, excuse the pun. But when it comes to this little toy, we think it’s fair to say the person had had enough of the little lion cubs face for the day.

Maybe it was number one hundred that needed eyes, nose and mouth. So maybe that could explain the toy on the right getting a little bit of a different design. Or maybe it was just a tough day at the office. One thing for sure, it is slightly terrifying to look at. But you know what they say, Hakuna Matata.

17. That’s A Strange Reporter

Whoever, accidentally or intentionally did this in the editing room of the news station must have been having a great laugh. Whether you yourself are having a giggle or not, I bet the only two people who were not impressed by the little edit here were the Anker herself and we can only assume the editors boss.

But who knows maybe the one in charge found it just as funny and after all mistakes happen. As long as it is not with every animal-related story we are sure the editor still gets to keep their job and the audience gets a quick laugh.