The Terrible Dog Food Ingredients You Need to Avoid

Since every dog is unique, it can be difficult in choosing which dog food is best for your dog. Of course, you would want to choose one that is the most healthy and one that your dog will like. Pet food manufacturers do put in harmful ingredients in pet food just to save money. Knowing what those harmful ingredients are can save you a very expensive vet bill and keep your dog healthy.

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Watch Out For These Harmful Ingredients

Reading the ingredients list is a good way to know which dog food is best for your dog. You should read it before trying out a new dog food on your dog. Some ingredients can cause allergies, or they cause your dog to become really sick.

4-D Meat Products

Regrettably, pet food manufacturers trick dog owners that the 4-D meat is high-quality meat. In reality, the 4-D meat is made up of indisposed, weakened, or decaying animals. Instead of getting rid of the rotten meat, some pet food manufacturers put the rotten meat in pet food. According to the FDA, this practice is not outlawed, but they do recognize that the 4-D meat is unsafe for humans and animals.

Your dog may get sick from eating the 4-D meat instantly, or even after a long period of time. The dog food that has 4-D meat also has fats that could cause lifelong illnesses and cause the dog’s intellectual functioning to be defective.


You would think that corn is ok in your dog’s food since it is found in everything we eat. But dogs struggle to absorb unrefined corn. Corn also could cause spikes in high blood pressure levels. If the unrefined corn does become refined, the high blood pressure level really becomes unsafe.

Corn is a low-cost grain which means pet food manufacturers use corn as a filling in the dog food. Corn doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals to be a great conductor of energy.


Dogs can develop food allergies just as humans can. Grains may be the cause of food allergies. Grains are also used as a filling in dog food. Therefore, it will be safe to get grain-free dog food to be able to abstain from grain dog food. Grains also could consist of toxins.

Preservatives, Dyes, and Other Add-ins

Food coloring is in human food and pet food. The main reason pet food manufacturers use food dyes to make the food look good for the pet owners, not the pet itself. Dogs don’t care what the food looks like. Food dyes are named as Red 40, Blue 2, and Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, etc. Food dyes can cause allergies, behavioral issues, and cancer.

One bad preservative to look for in your dog food’s ingredient list is BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole). According to lab studies, BHA has caused liver and kidney disease in rats. Another bad preservative to look for in your dog’s food ingredient list is ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin isn’t allowed in human food, but it could probably be in pet food. A bad additive that could be in your dog’s treats is propylene glycol.

How To Choose A Good Dog Food

Reading the dog food ingredient list correctly will help you choose the best dog food for your dog. The ingredients are listed by the weight of each ingredient. Even the weight of the water is calculated. Usually, the first ingredient is meat which means it consists of 75 percent water. The fat and water are expunged from the meat meals, so they are more condensed. You should also look for the protein and fat amounts on the dog food label. Getting a dog food with high protein amount is beneficial for your dog.

The Association of Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requires all pet food to have a statement saying the pet food meets the requirements to be balanced and completed. You should also look at the dog food label for the right stage your dog is at. You wouldn’t get an adult dog puppy food. And you wouldn’t give a puppy an adult dog food. Senior dogs also need special dog food. There are pet foods out there that are for all stages which make selecting dog food easier.

Where To Find Great Deals On Healthy Dog Food

Ask your vet for guidance on finding the correct dog food for your dog. Doing the research yourself online is the perfect approach to finding the most healthy dog food. You will probably find great dog food at your neighborhood pet store. Some dog food brands have the option to buy dog food on their website. Internet stores like Chewy also have a wide variety of options for dog food.

You should also keep up with the latest news about pet food especially pet food recalls. Knowing this will help you make the right dog food choice.