The Best Cell Phones for Seniors

Over the years, technology has advanced more and more. One form of this technology being smartphones. And despite how complicated they may seem, many smartphones are amazingly senior friendly. Whether you’re looking for a simple and large display, or a one touch emergency response feature, there is a phone out there that’s perfect for all your different needs. If you’re a senior citizen looking for an easy-to-use smartphone, check out these five gems.

The Nokia 3310 3G:

The Nokia 3310 3G is a very simple and easy to use smartphone that also has all the basic features needed to keep in touch with friends and family. It also has a long battery life, as well as calling, texting and several social media apps. Another great feature of the Nokia 3310 is the camera. The camera is easy to use for taking pictures, as well as sharing pictures. And because this smartphone has 64 GB of storage, you’ll never run out of storage to hold all your photos. You can even add a micro SD card for even more storage. Overall, the Nokia 3310 is great for senior citizens who are not looking for a full on smartphone.

The GrandPad:

The Grandpad is one of the most popular devices for senior citizens out there! It may be labeled as a smartphone or a tablet, but there’s no need to let that freak you out. It has a simplified interface and a large screen that makes the GrandPad super easy to operate. The GrandPad also has a voice and video calling feature, and of course offers the use of email. This smartphone also features an 8-inch full HD display, which helps provide an easy functional menu as well as easier navigation through the phone itself. And because the GrandPad is connected through WiFi or 4G LTE, it’s great for staying in contact with technology no matter where you go. It also comes with a wireless charging dock to keep you from having to worry about any cords.

The Jitterbug Flip:

For the simplest phone, look no further than the Jitterbug Flip. And sure enough, this smartphone was created with senior citizens in mind. The Jitterbug Flip smartphone features a M4/T4 rating for the use of a hearing aid to ensure fantastic sound quality, even for the hardest of hearing people. It also features a fast and easy five star button in case of any emergencies. Other features of the Jitterbug Flip include a loudspeaker, a large and easy to read interface, and easy navigation.

iPhone 8 Plus

Some seniors, however, are tech-savvy. Which means that the iPhone 8 Plus fits perfectly for their specific needs. Being a larger version of the iPhone, it provides an easy-to-read screen and still has all the premium features of the initial version of the iPhone. A vast majority of people, especially senior citizens, view the iPhone as being too advanced to fit their liking, but the iPhone 8 Plus is actually quite senior friendly. And with the easy adjustable display and text size, even those with troubled eyesight can see one hundred percent of the time. iPhones also come with FaceTime built in to make it easier for you to contact the people that you love. iPhones also give you the option to use Siri, which can be extremely useful. Siri is a hands free voice assistant that can help you send and receive texts, make and answer phone calls, as well as support with a vast majority of normal day-to-day tasks. Apple also provides a help line for any issues with your iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is another awesome smartphone for tech-savvy senior citizens. It features a large 6.2 inch screen, and you can increase the text size if needed. That Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus also features an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and facial recognition. These features make the phone extremely easy to unlock, while still keeping your phone completely secure. And similar to the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 also makes keeping in touch with friends and family extremely simple due to its provided apps. The virtual assistant S Voice is also featured on the S9 smartphone and is highly recommended for senior citizens.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are up to date with certain technologies, or just searching for a simple cell phone, these five phones all perfectly fit any senior citizen’s specific needs. But in order to get the perfect phone to fit your budget and your lifestyle, you may want to do some research beforehand. Check that your phone carrier is supported, as well as the various deals online. If you are lucky, you may come across exclusive pricing, various sales, and even coupon codes. It is also extremely important to keep an eye on all of the newest research. It’s recommended to compare at these three smartphone options before a final decision is made.