The 15 most dangerous countries for European women

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When it comes to tourism, many people prefer to visit places that are very remote and not much frequented by travellers. Experiencing extremely different cultures and environments can certainly be a great way to spend your holiday, especially if you are a free spirit who wants to see everything. However, there are often risks involved.

And no, we don’t mean bad sunburn, hot food or too much to drink. There are some potentially harmful, sometimes even life-threatening hazards that you need to be aware of. For example, robberies, kidnappings and assaults are not as unusual as you might think. They can happen to anyone, even in broad daylight.

While male travelers are definitely not quite sure, women have it even harder in most cases. Many countries that are strongly patriarchal can be not only risky, but even dangerous for a woman travelling alone. Others have such high crime rates that no tourist should think about going there.

So, in case you are planning to go abroad for your next holiday, here are 15 countries white women would rather not set foot in. At least not alone.

Some of them are popular destinations that gather millions of foreigners every year. But beneath all the beautiful tropical beaches, exotic cocktails and glamorous nightlife, they hide a dark world full of danger.