How CoolSculpting Can Help Anyone Who Wants a Flawless Body

Ask any fitness-aware person, and they are likely to tell you the same thing: Despite a healthy diet or the frequency of their workouts, they need to lose a few more pounds. Unfortunately, those last few pounds of fat provide endless frustration and prove to be unsightly in a swimsuit or the newest summer fashions.

Luckily, a new procedure has been developed that makes it possible to remove those stubborn extra pounds. Best of all, it is affordable and highly effective. The CoolSculpting method is respected by plastic surgeons and dermatologists because it is a noninvasive procedure that provides permanent spot reducing and weight loss.

CoolSculpting – the Basics

CoolSculpting is the ultimate procedure that targets areas most resistant to diet and exercise. Difficult areas which prevent most adults from slimming down are exactly where CoolSculpting goes to work. Once it does, men and women alike find their youthful confidence restored.

Fully approved by the FDA, CoolSculpting is noninvasive and requires no “down time” from work or family duties. Unlike more invasive weight loss procedures such as liposuction which require recuperation and additional appointments, CoolSculpting patients are able to rejoin their daily routine in a matter of minutes.

Experts in the field recommend CoolSculpting

Men and women trying to “spot reduce” are encouraged to try CoolSculpting because of the high level of success associated with this method. As reported by the CoolSculpting website, patients will typically see a reduction of fat by as much as “20 to 25 percent” in targeted regions of the body. After the procedure, most patients are able to resume their daily activities without pain or physical discomfort.

For this reason alone, it is no wonder that physicians recommend this option for fat reduction and skin tightening. CoolSculpting has become a welcome course of action for active adults who simply cannot reduce everything from “muffin tops” to “thunder thighs” no matter how often they visit the gym. In addition, patients who have undergone the procedure report how pleased they are with its lasting results.

What is CoolSculpting exactly and how is it performed?

The first step occurs when one takes an honest observation of their body, most notably where their extra fat accumulation is based. For many people, their problem area stems from unsightly and unhealthy fat around the abdomen area. Still, other people have difficulty to reduce areas on their legs and are impossible to reduce rolls of fat on the back.

A trained clinician performing the procedure places the CoolSculpting applicator on each target area. The applicator is moved gently around the skin just above where the unwanted fat is stored. Cold temperatures regulated by the clinician is able to freeze fat cells while allowing other body tissues to remain at their normal functioning temperature. This is how CoolSculpting is safe, painless and provides long-lasting results that requires no anesthesia or sleep inducing drugs. Additionally, since it is noninvasive to the body, there is no bleeding, scarring or internal organ damage.

What does CoolSculpting feel like?

While undergoing this noninvasive procedure, people report an intense sensation of cold temperatures on the targeted fat. This is especially true during the initial phase of the CoolSculpting method, but lasting no more than ten minutes during a less than one hour long procedure. Immediately afterward the fat prone area may become numb, much as if one were outside on a cold winter day.

How and when will changes occur after the initial procedure?

After unwanted fat cells are frozen, they will begin to die off and eliminate themselves from body tissues in a natural manner. Depending upon the extent of fat reduction and one’s individual biology, this may take up to six months to be completely noticeable to the naked eye. However once these fat prone areas are eliminated through CoolSculpting, the effects are long-lasting.

Despite the euphoria that people experience once their unwanted fat is eliminated, it is always recommended that a healthy diet and exercise program be maintained. This is the reason why CoolSculpting is so successful, as it allows people to reduce stubborn areas of fat that their usual fitness plan is unable to fully eliminate on its own.

What are the costs associated with the CoolSculpting method?

Unlike medical treatments that are covered by medical insurance, this form of fat reduction is considered a “Cosmetic” procedure. This means that all costs are passed along to the patient for payment. In general, most people find that their complete CoolSculpting program costs them from $2,000 up to $4,000 as reported on an official website sponsored by CoolSculpting.

The costs of your CoolSculpting depends upon a variety of factors, including your geographical locale, the number of areas and who performs your procedure. The best way to decide whether this method is right for you is schedule a consultant with a physician or clinician that specializes in fat reduction. They will take the time to work with and make sure CoolSculpting can play a part in your overall goals.