How a Construction Worker Got Sweet Revenge on an Illegally Parked Angry Woman

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You know the type of people that are selfish, ignorant, and just plain disrespectful? If you do, then you know there’s nothing better than to get a little revenge and teach these people a lesson. This is exactly the kind of woman a construction worker in California encountered, and exactly the golden opportunity he got: a way to teach an angry woman refusing to move her car from a No Parking Zone a lesson she’ll never forget.

The construction worker shared his hilarious story on the Internet under the username BBQLunch and is getting virtual high-fives from hundreds of thousands of people online.

Be ready for a twist ending!

1. It’s a No Parking Zone for a Good Reason

The construction worker, under the username “BBQLunch”, begins his story by explaining how he and his team are building a house located on a steep hill, with no way to drive their vehicles up to the building site. The vehicles must be parked at the bottom of the hill, which is the closest they can get. The literally have to carry all the materials up this steep hill to the building site, which is backbreaking labor.

BBQLunch explains that the “saving grace” of the situation is that they have two allocated parking spots at the bottom of the hill which are clearly marked as No Parking Zones to the public. Makes sense.

2. California Moms Parking Illegally

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With an elementary school around the corner from the construction site, BBQLunch explains how moms will often park in the No Parking Zone as they wait to pick up their children from school. While it is technically illegal, the workers will let it slide unless they need the spots free for a delivery. If they need a driver to move, they usually signal to the driver or politely ask them relocate their vehicle. No big deal.

Their system of politely asking these moms to move their cars when needed was working thus far and wasn’t causing too big of an issue. That is, until they met a mom with a level of disrespect they didn’t expect to encounter.

3. Lumber Delivery On Its Way

On just an ordinary working day, BBQLunch got a call that his lumber for the building project was en route and should arrive between 3-4 minutes. Happy about receiving these much needed materials, he told the truck driver he would meet him out front with a couple other workers to begin the unloading process.

Making his way down the hill, BBQLunch noticed a car parked in the parking spaces they need for the delivery truck to park in. Slightly irritated but calm nonetheless, he prepared himself to politely ask the driver to move her vehicle.

What he wasn’t prepared for was her response.

4. Pent Up Aggression

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Let’s all recognize that life is not always easy and that all people are allowed to have a bad day from time to time. Life’s stresses can pile up and cause us to behave in ways that we aren’t proud of. Being a mom is a tough job that comes with its moments of chaos and stress.

With that said, there’s a fine line between having a bad day and being in a bad mood because of it, to acting like a tyrant and stomping on everyone around you. We can all choose to be kind and respectful no matter what we’re going through.

5. Ma’am, Do You Mind Moving Your Vehicle?

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The construction worker approached the woman’s car. He noticed the engine was still on and she was on her phone, appearing to be waiting for her child to get out of school. As BBQLunch approached the car, she rolled down her window with an annoyed expression on her face, wondering what this construction worker possibly has to say to her.

He politely informed the woman that she’s in a No Parking Zone and that he’s got a delivery truck around the corner that needs to park there. He asks if she can please promptly move her vehicle.

Her rude response was the first of many mistakes she would make that afternoon.

6. Take a Chill Pill

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The woman’s reaction was surprising to say the least. “Look, your truck isn’t even here. Take a chill pill, dude.” She rolls the window back up and goes back on her phone, ignoring the worker entirely. At the same moment, the truck carrying a giant load of lumber pulls up and waits to park in the designated spots.

The worker taps gently on the window to ask the woman to move a second time. She cracks her window and shouts, “WHAT?!” to the construction worker. Keeping his cool, he reminds the woman that she’s parked illegally and look, the truck has arrived.

The disrespect got even worse.

7. A Brilliant Plan Forming

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When BBQLunch asked the angry woman to move her car for the second time, her response was even more disrespectful than the first. “Can’t you guys just unload around me? Jesus, it’s not that hard!” You would think this insulting comment would make BBQLunch angry or offended, but instead, it gave him a smile. That’s because she had just given him a genius idea. A lightbulb turned on in his head, and he started devising a brillant plan.

His wheels began turning for how to make this unpleasant woman learn a valuable life lesson. First things first, a quick little chat with the delivery truck driver.

8. Blocking Her In

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BBQLunch went over and had a little chat with the delivery truck driver, who had a massive load of lumber on his truck. He instructed him to go ahead and park as close as he can get to the stubborn woman’s car, making her car trapped between the huge delivery truck on one side, and a porta potty on the other.

Without much discussion, the delivery truck driver gladly followed BBQLunch’s instructions with a grin on his face. He knew exactly how to park her in perfectly. The woman’s car was now expertly blocked in with noway she could possibly get out.

9. Getting the Police Involved

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The words from the angry woman, “Can’t you guys just unload around me?” had given BBQLunch the perfect idea of how to get a little revenge on this woman acting very rude towards him. Now the delivery truck was parked in a way that blocked her in with no way to get out. Now it was time to unload the lumber, a process that would take up to an hour.

As the crew began unloading, BBQLunch rang up the police to let them know about the situation. A traffic officer decided to come to the scene to deal with the illegally parked woman herself. The officer said she would arrive in the next 10 minutes.

10. Oblivious

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Meanwhile, the woman is in her car, completely oblivious to the situation around her. At this point, she doesn’t know that the delivery truck has completely blocked her in, or that the police have been called. She’s sitting in her car on her phone, continuing to wait for her child to finish school.

A few minutes later, her child walks up to the car, and the mom goes to open her car door. “Uh-oh,” she realizes. The delivery truck is parked so close to her car door, that she can’t even open it. She slides over to the passenger side to open the door from the other end. That’s when she notices her car is not going anywhere.

11. Furious

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When the woman finally realizes that her car is blocked in, she goes from oblivious to furious in a few seconds. She goes ahead and buckles her child in the backseat, then proceeds to lose her temper with the construction workers and delivery driver. She demands, “Move your damn truck right now so I can go!”

The delivery truck driver explained to the irate woman that once they unstrap the load, it is no longer secure. And according to policy, the driver cannot move the vehicle with an unsecured load. She would have to wait until the workers were finished unloading the mass amount of lumber before he can move the truck.

You can imagine she didn’t take this news well, and things went from bad to worse.

12. Police Arrive

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Hearing the news that she has to wait until the workers are finished unloading the truck before she can leave, unsurprisingly set off a whole new level of rage. She now began to scream obscenities at the workers, creating quite the scene.

What the woman didn’t know was at this moment, the police officer was just arriving at the scene. The officer parked behind the truck, but the woman didn’t see her; she was too busy lashing out at the delivery driver and construction workers to notice.

As the officer got out of the car and started walking up, the woman got back in her car, and did something stupid that she would soon regret.

13. Reckless Driving

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As the police officer was walking up to the construction workers to introduce herself, the California mom did something no one saw coming. Still completely unaware that police were on the scene, the mom got back in the car, slammed it into reverse and hit the gas, crashing hard against the porta potty and knocking it over onto the street.

She didn’t stop there. She shifted gears and drove forward at full speed, jumping the car up over the curb and onto the sidewalk. The officer and construction workers stood in disbelief at what they were witnessing. All the while, the woman has no idea she’s being watched by a police offer.

14. Stuck and Frustrated

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After the woman jumped the curb, her car got stuck halfway up between the curb and the sidewalk. BBQLunch could hear her screaming obscenities inside her car as she tried hitting the gas with nothing happening. Not only was she stuck, she was looking completely foolish.

But nothing could prepare her for what happened next. She heard a tapping on her window, and looked to see a police officer standing there with a look of disapproval on her face. Her face turned white with shock as she realized she just drove so recklessly right in front of a police officer.

Her punishment was coming.

15. The Arrest

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The officer called for backup and went ahead and ordered the woman out of the car. She arrested her on the spot, putting her in handcuffs and reading her Miranda rights. The officer sat her down on the curb as an attempt to calm her down and talk to her. She was still yelling over at the construction workers and visibly angry.

Meanwhile, her child was still in the backseat, shaken up about the crash and seeing his mom get arrested. The poor kid should have never had to witness that. If only she would have simply moved her car to begin with.

16. Telling Lies

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Once the woman calmed down a little, she began telling a fictional version of the story to try and get out of being punished. She lied to the police officer, telling her that the construction workers told her she was allowed to park there and never told her to move her vehicle. And that they bullied her by parking her in!

Luckily, BBQLunch covered his bases by calling the police at the very beginning of the ordeal. The police officer told the woman she was called right away to complain about her being parked illegally and refusing to move her vehicle.

This information shut her up right away as she realized she couldn’t lie her way out this time.

17. Heavy Charges and Jailtime


The woman got a long list of charges by the time this was over, including Reckless Driving, Child Endangerment for purposefully wrecking her car while her child was in the backseat, Driving on a Suspended License (yes, she really was that dumb to do all this on a suspended license), and Destruction of Property (remember that knocked over porta potty?).

In addition to all these charges, her car had to be towed and she had to spend some time in jail, awaiting her trial. Her child was not injured and went with his grandparents, hoping to soon bail his mom out of jail.

Do you think she learned her lesson?

18. The Moral of the Story

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The crazy thing about this story is that the mom had plenty of opportunities to just move the car. She was clearly in the wrong, parked in a No Parking Zone. It would have been simple and would have avoided a whole lot of trouble.

So what’s the moral of this story? There’s many, actually.

Be kind. Think before you speak. Be quick to listen and slow to get angry. Be a good role model for your children, because they are watching and learning from you. Treat all people with dignity and respect. The list goes on! One can only hope that she thought long and hard in that jail cell and came out a better mom and kinder person.