6 Tips To Know About Your Bra

For most women, the relationship cultivated with their bra is a tumultuous roller-coaster ride of love, necessity and hate. Your bra has one main function: provide support to your lovely lady lumps. Your bra is your booby companion; a friend till the end that is intended to hold up the girls and combat the stronghold of the enemy: gravity.

Yet, most women do not select their bras as carefully as they do their other lifelong companions. A study completed by Wacoal, a worldwide lingerie company, found that 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. This is a problem that can lead to saggy breasts as gravity inevitably takes hold and drags your boobs toward your kneecaps. A few simple tips from the bra/boob experts can have your ladies back to being perky in no time…

1. The Support is Not in the Straps

Most bra wielding women believe that the support they receive to their bosom comes from the straps. But, 90% of breast support comes from the band. It is vital to select the correct band width so that the weight of the breasts is not shifting forward, creating strains on the shoulders which can lead to slouching.

2. Bras Need Zzzzzz’s Too!

We’ve all heard the rumors about sleeping in your bra right? Cross it off your list because it is bogus! Sleeping in bras can be beneficial for women who have a larger bust. While it won’t prevent sagging altogether, it can delay the effects of gravity. Avoid restrictive bras with tight underwiring that can pinch the skin and cause wounds, blisters and even scars.

3. Bra Sizes Are Subjective

How in the world can you be a 34B at your local lingerie store and a 36C at Victoria Secret? What kind of booby conspiracy is this!? Relax; bra sizes are subjective and different brands define cups sizes and band sizes differently. Be aware that you won’t always run the same size at all stores.

4. Underwire Bras Don’t Equal Cancer

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that tight underwire bras push pressure on your lymphatic system, triggering the formation of cancerous tumors. While tight underwires can cause discomfort and pinch your skin, there is no rise in cancer risk for women who wear bras and women who do not.

5. Give Your Bra a Day Off

Even your bras deserve some R&R. When your bra is doing its job, the elastic is working hard to keep you in place. Give it at least a 24-hour break every couple of days to allow the elastic a chance to relax. Be an equal opportunity boss and rotate your bras, so they are all getting a fair share in reinforcing your breasts and in exchange, your bra will work harder, longer and provide superior support.

6. Your Bras Size Can Change

Your body is always changing. You hit the gym extra hard and lose 10 pounds; your bra size will change. Holiday cookies have you indulging just a little more; your bra size will change. In fact – spoiler alert – bra size can change three to six times a year! Breasts change frequently, so ensure you are checking your size at least every six months to confirm your best bra fit.

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