10 big stupid things tourists do on holiday

Source: Jarabogu / Shutterstock.com

Nature does not find human behaviour funny at all! If someone experiences a journey, he can tell something. This is how the German poet Matthias Claudius wrote about travelling. But does it always have to escalate like this? Today we know the most distant destinations from television or the Internet. Thanks to new technologies, anyone can travel anywhere cheaply and tourist flows are growing. So more and more people will accompany us on our itineraries, whose behaviour will cause a shake of the head every now and then.

We are still impressed by the mystical wonders of the world when we visit them. But even more interesting in the media is the idiotic behaviour of tourists, who just leave us speechless. We have collected some travel stories about the most annoying behaviors of tourists in all their clichés. Some of them are so amazingly stupid that you just have to tell them on. Click through. Shake your head is guaranteed!