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Hi I'm looking for the best juicer I can find. My doctor says I need to
get more fruits and vegetables into my diet, but I have very painful
teeth and dentures aren't appropriate for medical reasons. Does anybody
have any suggestions? I'd love to get some advice.
Hi, everyone. I'm about to upgrade from a furnished efficiency to a brand new apartment! I'm going to need all new appliances to fill the new space.
I have found most things but I'm stuck trying to figure out the best microwave to buy. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you all!
What are the best kitchen gadgets you know?
I am looking for some kid friendly bathroom gadgets to liven up/ spice up my kids boring bathroom. I want the gadgets to be kids friendly, and look great when I put them in my kids bathroom. Any suggestions on some stuff I could use?

I am really clueless when it comes to what dog food I should feed my small Yorkshire Terrier. He isn't very picky, but I really want to make the right choice when it comes to his health.